Thrown to the Wind


Jimmeny sipped the rich coffee timidly, a decadent French vanilla, that Simon had placed in front of him after they shook, during which Jimmeny introduced himself,  as he stared at the man across the table. They had stayed silently for a few moments, Jimmeny because he wanted Simon to speak first. After a few more minutes, however, he couldn't stand it.

"So what's the tingling about?" His voice was laced with anxiety, which surprised both of them. Simon smiled, taking in another small sip of his coffee from his giant green mug.

"How did it feel, my friend?" Simon asked, cocking his head slightly to the right. "When the tingling first appeared."

Jimmeny shrugged, leaning back on his side of the booth. His memory still burned with the strange sensation, but he felt slightly hesitant to tell the stranger. "Well, unusual, of course." His throat was drying quickly and Jimmeny gulped down some more of his drink before he continued. "And... intriguing. It filled me with a sense of curiosity that I've never really experienced before."

Simon nodded, suddenly turning around to look throughout the coffee shop. It was filled with men and women of all ages, though they rarely delved under the age of twenty. Most were in pairs, couples, talking and sipping their drinks, the occasional eating a dessert. "Life goes on so easily," Simon whispered, turning back to face Jimmeny. "We hardly notice it, but every action has a consequence, not matter how small."

Jimmeny mentally sighed, wondering now if he was a fool to follow this man, wondering if Simon bordered on lunacy. Simon continued, "What is your opinion on destiny? Fate? Chance?"

Jimmeny blinked. "It depends on the circumstance..."

Simon chuckled. "Well I personally believe that everything happens for a reason. Perhaps we were fated to meet, my friend. Perhaps what's to come from this will change something. The tingling... perhaps it is chance, or perhaps it is a device of the god of fate. Perhaps he uses it to heighten our sense of what is supposed to happen, and to help the destinies that are supposed to intertwine do just that."

Jimmeny lifted his cup to his lips to take a drink but was surprised that there was none of his coffee left. "Fate drives everything," Simon reflected quietly. "This tingling cannot be a mere coincidence. After all, would you normally have followed me had the tingling not occurred?"

The other man shook his head. "Simon, where are you getting--"

"Jimmeny, do you believe this tingling is a matter of fate?" Simon's eyebrows were lifted, and a curled smile began to appear on the left side of his lip.



The End

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