Longing for the Sun

It seemed to mesmerize me and I found myself  glancing out the tiny peep hole.  That big ball of fire, that big ball of light that used to warm me, now it was a big ball of death.

Much time had been spent in the luxurious grasp of the warm light.  I asked if he'd ever felt it.  He snorted and asked was I not satisfied with the night, with the cloak of anonimety.  He remarked at how hard it would be to subdue prey in the light.   He was an original, the sun never played a part up to this point in his dark cold life, and never would. 

As much as I enjoyed feeding, hunting, loving with him, there was still a pang for my old life.  Maybe it would have been better had I been born like this.

Right now, I lay close to his cold body, settling in as he wrapped his arms around me.  I could only peep at the ball knowing if I ventured out would mean my death...  I closed my eyes and slept the sleep of the dead... or, the undead.

The End

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