Time was not relevent. I had become like him.

To a living being, time had relevance. To the cold spirits of the undead, it meant nothing.

At first there was a semblance of humanity, ever so slight, I ate from him, I wouldn't participate in the feedings.  I was satisfied, satiated with the cold liquid that flowed through his veins.

But one night, I needed to feed, he brought me a young child, I looked up into his eyes... his stare was unwavering and cold.

The little thing cried and reached it's hands up to me.. I couldn't do it,  I pleaded with  him, please, please.. his eyes only grew colder,   Crouching down next to me he sliced his vein open and began to speak..

"This is what you want , yes?.. this is what you need, yes..?" 

Licking my lips, my insides burning, I slid closer to him, I placed my hand on his fore arm, sliding the tip of my tongue over the cold blood.. He grabbed my hair..

My head was jerked up unceremoniously, his face so close to mine I could smell the sweet fruit smell...

"Do you think you can straddle the line.. I have given you a gift but, remember, I can take it away if I choose and if you become a liability to me, I won't hesitate!"

He jerked the child up by the arm, I stopped him..

Gathering the little thing in my arms, I cood and talked softly to it, tears pooled under my chin still,  I knew, there was no other way out for this one..

I held it tight, kissed it's forehead, turning the little head I softly bit into the young flesh..

The child didn't make a sound, it held onto my thumb and I.... put it to sleep..

I want to say I felt bad but, I didn't.  I want to say I didn't enjoy it but, I did and, I knew, I would do it again.

And this is how we spent our time, days, weeks, months, years, decades, centuries passed in a blur, as I said time meant nothing..   Our whole purpose was to feed, nothing more, nothing less..

Every now and then, I would glimpse out at the rising sun just before we closed ourselves in the darkness that protected us.  Every now and then, I could almost remember how it felt to be human, then, I had to feed and,  that was all that was important to me now..  I was a product of my creator.

The End

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