Encounter with the Vampire

Della was my friend, she was energy to the infinite. She could dance all night, sleep for two hours and be fresh as a daisy ready for work.. But now my friend was lethargic, she slept all the time, her job was in jeopardy and the dull almost grey skin and the dark circles under her eyes made her look cadaverish.

I suggested she go and see a doctor at which she shrugged and said she was ok.

She wasn't ok though, two weeks after, Della my friend, was dead. I buried my head in the pillow and cried myself to sleep.

At work the next day, people hugged me, some even cried. I went through the day in a fog. The coroners report was still on my mind.. Della had died of "exsanguination", "hypovolemia" better known as {bleeding out} but, I heard the coroner and an officer talking, they made reference to the fact that no blood was around, or on the body.

Days passed and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't let it go, Della had been a perfectly healthy girl, she had no diseases but she bled out, from what? There were two little puncture holes on her shoulder.. a spider, a snake? Something was not right, I needed to know. A workable plan was what I needed.

Yellow tape still draped the door of the apartment. I used the key Della had always left in the potted plant. I hesitated at the door.. something was telling me not to open it, something said, there was someone or something inside.. I shood the thought away and stuck the key in the lock.

The apartment was dusty, dark, light was filtered and slid in through the slats between the blinds which gave it a rather ghostly appearance.
I stood still for a moment, quiet, almost holding my breath, so as not to disturb.

There was a smell, like rotting fruit. I walked the perimeter of the room. I touched the little lamp on the table and it came on. I left it on low, someone was sure to notice if I turned it up. In the living room the scene that greeted me, shocked me.. clothes scattered, books and paper covered the floor. I peeked in the kitchen, dishes filled the sink, stains covered the walls.

I moved to the bedroom, other than the imprint of Della's body on the bed, it was perfectly made. In fact, the whole room was neat, just the way Della had kept it. The contrast was amazing. I found her address book on the bedside table. One name jumped out, it had been circled in red, it was circled so many times, I could have punched it out with my finger.

Michael.. next to the circled name was the word NO.. underlined, heavily and followed by an exclamation point.
I didn't know what it meant but, I had the feeling it didn't mean anything good.

I walked into the living room, he caught me from behind, where had he come from? I had locked the door, how did he get in?

My mind raced, his grip was unnaturally strong. I tried to catch air from under his hand and, the sweet sickly smell of rotted fruit came to me. I whimpered a bit, more from air starvation than fear. He rubbed his lips against my ear and told me how good I smelled.. The thought hit me, I was going to be raped, scenarios played in my mind, this couldn't be happening, I couldn't let that happen but, just as fast as he caught me, he released me.

I sank to the floor and stared at the carpet. I didn't want to look up, I didn't want to see him, I wanted to tell him just go away, I didn't know what he looked like, I wouldn't say a word. But, he'd killed my friend, I had no proof, I just knew.. I couldn't stop it, my head came up and my eyes met his.

There was a moment of confusion and a lifetime of understanding, eons of time, tortured souls, the tears came to my eyes as I gazed into the black hole that was, his existence. What was it that he had done? Was he being punished? My heart seemed to stop, I clutched at my chest. He had no soul.

He was empty, there was no way back to light for him. I knew at that moment, he would be the cause of my death. I wept.

He spoke to me then.. "Don't be moved to pity for me, I don't feel what you feel, I have a need, a need most primitive and true, I need to feed.. I see from your expression you have accepted your fate, however, I can offer you something, life eternal, it is your decision."

Oh God, how did I make that decision, I wanted to live. And he said, "Understand, my gift comes with conditions, you will be like me, you will have to feed and, you will always be in subjection to me, I will be your master, you will live if I so choose..think hard before you give me your answer."

Think hard, I didn't want to die, what a choice, I could die, or I could be Nosferatu. Staring at him, I knew what I wanted, my will to live outweighed my horror at what I would become. My thought before I answered him.. would it be painful?

He stretched his hand out to me, I took it, he pulled me close to him, I was afraid, he enfolded me in his arms, I moved closer to him, he kissed my neck, I turned the pulsing artery towards him.

A slight prick and a feeling engulfed me, so warm, I was light, I was wind, I was rain, there was tumultuous sensations, I felt the blood drain from my body, I tangled my fingers in his hair and pulled his head closer to me. I didn't want him to stop, was this how it felt to die? He pulled his mouth away, stared deep into my eyes, I watched light flow from my body, my spirit was gone, I closed my eyes and expelled my last breath.

When my eyes opened, I felt so alive, I almost believed it had been a dream, almost. He stood over me, I took his hand, looked at my body. He told me then, it was time to go.

So, my eons have started, my soulless existence has begun. Do I regret it, I can't answer that, for you see, I don't feel as you feel..

The End

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