Enchanted washing Detergent

I awoke to somebody shouting and running around my bed. As I opened my eyes, I saw two small boys, both with honey blonde hair and emerald green eyes, waving their arms franticly at me. "Come on, Katya, get up! Mummy and Daddy are still asleep, and we can't reach the breakfast cereal!" they were saying. Isaac and Jonno, my two younger brothers were twins and did practically everything together. Unfortunately for me, this involved yelling in my ear at 7:30 in the morning on Saturday! Reluctantly, I dragged my weary body out of bed. Mum and Dad always slept in on Saturdays, so I had to help Isaac and Jonno get through breakfast, clean their teeth and get them dressed. 


"Lets play trains! You can use this engine." Isaac told me eagerly, green eyes shining. 

"Ok, but I have to do the washing when we're done." I said. He nodded, and before long I was crawling along the cream coloured carpet, going deliberately slowly so's to let him win the train race. "I winned," he exclaimed, a triumphant smile broad across his face, "Now Katya does the washing!". Well, at least he had allowed me to do my chore without having to be told to play with Jonno. I walked downstairs to the washing room, knelt down in front of the washing machine and began loading about a weeks worth of clothes into its gaping mouth. Washing detergent. Where the heck is it? I searched everywhere, until an unfamiliar tube-like bottle caught my eye:

Mr McLigams's all in one washing detergent. No stain is too hard!


Weird, I'd never heard of Mr McLigams. Oh well, I thought What harm can it do? But those, as you probably know, are famous last words...



The End

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