Blood stained sheetsMature

Trying to adjust my eyes, I patted the bed but it was empty. I could feel wetness I assumed from last night, but when my eyes came in focus terror rushed over me. The sheets were covered in what looked like blood and the redhead was nowhere in sight.

In a panic I searched the apartment, and still no sign of her. I sat back down on the bed with my head bowed down; hoping to remember something, anything. I drew a blank, the last thing I remember is leaving the bar. I don't recall the drive over here, or even entering the apartment.

I didn't see any kind of weapon that could of caused the blood stained sheets. I dashed out of her place before anyone saw me. I drove home so fast I didn't even monitor my speed, thankfully no police out today. Once I pulled up to my building I hurried up to my apartment, avoiding any eye contact with anyone.

Once inside I jumped in the shower to wash off last night's disaster, and then laid on the bed in disbelief. Weighing my options out, I could of stayed and called the police at the risk of going to jail. Or just  act like it never happened and move on with my life I wanted with Celeste.

Ring! Ring! I jumped up to answer the Phone, it was Jim. "Hey, buddy what happened you went to the restroom and never came back," he asked. I scanned my apartment it was still dark, the clock read 1:00am. " I what? wait what about the redhead I was dancing with?" I replied. Jim started laughing  uncontrollably. Then finally took a breath and said, " Wow you must of really got plastered, there was no redhead just us." I was confused and then realized it must have all been a dream. I sighed with relief and my heart slowed down a tempo.

I chuckled, Oh yay man, I guess I had one to many." I could still hear the music from the bar in the background blaring. "Well I'm glad you made it home, were heading home to ," Jim finished and hung up.

I was so freaking relieved and starving, so I headed to the kitchen for some grub. After searching for something satisfying I was disappointed so I decided to head to a spot down the block. I was sobered up and the weather was great so I walked. When I finished eating I headed back to the apartment and Celeste was just getting in.

I headed up the stairs behind her, admiring her as always from a far. I was tired of just admiring, and after the night I had I was making a move. Not even an hour ago I thought I was going to jail, and now that I'm off the hook it's time to start living life.  So I hurried past her and held the door open for her. Once inside my nerves were jumpy again, but it wasn't going to stop me.

"So Celeste, I was wondering if maybe you like to grab dinner sometime?" I asked confidently. She hesitated for a moment and the accepted my invitation on the condition that it was just dinner and not a date. I didn't care what the hell she called it, my foot was in the door that's good enough for me. We decided on tomorrow night at 7:00pm and I couldn't wait.

"OK see you tomorrow," I called over my shoulder as I unlocked my door. I couldn't sleep I was so excited, so I decided to turn on the TV. There was a emergency broadcast about a missing women, a women who looked like the redhead in my dream. It couldn't be coincidence that I have never seen her before and yet here she is. First is a life like dream and now on the news.

One of the first things that started happening to my mother before she got sick, was visions. Like the ones I had, but mine was actually happening. I didn't want it to drive me crazy so I just shook it off and found something else to watch.

I must of passed out, when I woke the TV was still on and I was dressed in the clothes from last night. I glanced at my watch, shoot it was already 2:00pm it unusual for me to sleep this long. Being Sunday and all I had nowhere to be anyway.

I was going to take Celeste to a romantic Italian place, even though I agreed to only dinner it doesn't hurt to try. I hadn't been there in years but I'm sure it hadn't lost its charm. Usually required a reservation, but I knew the owner well so I called ahead anyway to make sure I could get a nice quiet table in the corner. I wanted to make a good impression, the first one last the longest.

The End

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