Lady's choiceMature

I had managed to round up two of my buddies and they agreed to meet up with me later. I figured a night out with the guys might trigger my confidence. I even went out and bought some new clothing to wear. As the day moved on I did some light cleaning and enjoyed the newspaper.

I was meeting they guys around 9:00pm at a small pub up the street, it was in walking distance. So around 8:30pm I did a second look in the mirror and left my apartment.

Celeste was just getting in, with a handful of bags like usual. I concluded she loved shopping as she was never empty handed. She struggled with her keys, so I offered her my assistance. She gratefully accepted and handed me some of the bags to free one hand. Once she got the door unlocked she instructed me to just set the bags down on the floor.

Her apartment was elegantly decorated with antiques and art. Her living room contained a black leather couch, an oak coffee table, small flat screen television, few end tables. and a book shelf exploding with books. I couldn't see the rest of her place from the doorway. She thanked me for my help as she slowly closed the door.

I was feeling pretty good about myself at that point and headed to the pub.  I spotted Jim and Andrew at the bar when I arrived, and I joined them. We waited for our drinks and found a table in the corner.

Jim was an old buddy I had known since the 3rd grade. He was married with two kids, and on occasion managed to talk is way into a night out. In return he usually had to make a deal to attend some chic flick or opera. He what you might call a ladies man, he was handsome in the eyes of many but as faithful as the come. He stood neck in neck with me, but he had a muscular build. He was always in sports through out school. His Italian nationality blessed him with nice olive skin and big brown eyes. Despite his charming appearance he was polite and well mannered.

Andrew was a buddy I met in college, we shared many sleepless nights studying together. He was shy like myself. He had just gotten a divorce months earlier and was still very much in love with his ex wife. Though they had no kids together he still wanted to be in her life. He also stood the same height as Jim and I. He had let himself go a bit since the divorce and gained a few pounds. He was plain looking and of Spanish nationality.

They were both pretty dependable and have been there for me through the years. We caught up on our lives as were sank our first beer. I filled them in on my neighbor, and asked for advice on getting my foot in the door. A few hours into our drinking we noticed a crowd had formed inside. There were many pretty women, but none could compare to Celeste.

Jim nudged me, "Hey buddy the redhead over there is checking you out," I waited a few minutes before casually turning in her direction, and she was staring dead on. She winked at me and waved. So I waved back. "Go talk to her, " the both chimed. I didn't want to , even though Celeste was not mine it felt like cheating. "To late Gabriel, " Jim whispered as she approached our table.

"Hello gentleman," she shouted over the music. I tired not to stare at her low cut blouse, but her breasts were practically waving at me. We politely returned her greeting. "Dance with me, " she demanded as she grabbed my hand. We made our way to the dance floor and she wrapped my hands around her waist. It was a slow R &B song so she slithered up and down my body swerving her hips.

I had only ever loved one woman, only put my hands on that one woman. Sadly she died in a car accident with a drunk driver on the way home from dinner 6 years ago. Until Celeste moved in I hadn't really thought about moving on, I had my pornography to keep me company.

The way she was pressing her body all over mine brought pleasure to me, and I had to admit I was enjoying it. I looked over to the table were my friends were and the shot me the thumbs up. We danced a few more songs before I returned to my friends. We had a few more beers and they were ready to call it a night. As we were getting ready to leave the redhead approached me and invited me back to her place.

It had been such a long time since I had been intimate with anyone, and if we went to her place Celeste wouldn't see us. She was pretty attractive so  accepted.

The End

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