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It had been four months since she moved in, and I was still a coward. After watching her come and go countless times, I still hadn't had the guts to introduce myself. I secretly followed her and attended her shows, yet she she didn't know my name. I knew hers of course from the display board at her shows, Celeste what a classy name.  I was loosing patience with myself quickly.

The New York weather was still quiet pleasant on this, not to hot or cold. I decided to go for a stroll in the park, not like I had anything else to do on a Friday night. When I returned I saw Celeste sitting on the steps outside our building. This was my chance and I didn't want to screw it up.

I took a deep breath as I approached the steps and she threw me that enticing smile. My nerves were kicking in as I spoke, "Beautiful night isn't it?" She breathed in the fresh air and replied, "yes, it's quite lovely." So far so good, so I figured what do I have to loose. "I'm Gabriel, I live across from you in 4B," I stated. "Yes, I have noticed," she replied. She noticed? What did that mean? Was she interested, or was she just stating that she had seen me in passing? Either way I finally spoke to her, that was more progress then I've made in four months. She must have noticed also the confusion in my look, because she quickly finished with, " It's nice to meet you, my taxi has I arrived I've got to go." I watched here as she got in and then the cab drove away.

Once I was in my apartment I took a sigh of relief and slouched into my chair. Well we spoke , so what's my next move? Here I am a 36 year old man afraid of a woman, but she was not just any woman. I watched a few movies before surrendering to sleep.

About 3:00 am I was awakened by a slamming car door and then arguing. I peaked out my window and saw Celeste and another man standing at the base of the stairs. I could see her hands flailing as the argument continued another 20 minutes. She finally stormed up the stairs, and the car pealed of in anger.

I looked through the peephole and waited for her to appear. When she did, I could tell she had been drinking as she stumbled to the door attempting to engage the the into the lock. After a few minutes of struggle she stammered into her apartment.

I wanted to know who this man was, and why he made her so upset. I wished she had knocked on my door for comfort. I longed to be her everything. I toppled back into bed and went back to sleep. In the morning I had intended in doing laundry after my morning Saturday jog.

The morning light emaciated through my windows and I got ready for my run. When I finished I gathered my laundry and head down to the wash room. As I was entering Celeste was exiting, " Good morning neighbor," she sang. She seemed to be in a delightful mood after the episode last night.

I gave here a Good morning back and started loaded my clothes into the machine. Her clothes were already in the dryer, and the only other ones in there. A desire crossed my mind, I wanted to touch her unmentionable's. I wanted to lunge open that dryer door and hold then in my hands. Maybe keep one for a souvenir, so that's what I did.

I swiftly raced back to my apartment to enjoy the scent of her up close and personal. I know this looks bad, but it's harmless really, she wouldn't notice one pair of panties missing. I held them up to my nose and breathed in deeply, instantly I was aroused. The were black silk trimmed with a pink border, I admired them until it was time to swap my clothes around.

When I returned to the wash room she was gathering her clothes from the dryer, and I felt the guilt flush my body. She didn't seem to take inventory, but rather shoved everything into her basket. I pretended to be busy tending to my own laundry, I was afraid if I made eye contact I would feel even more shame. She looked to be in a rush anyway, she barely noticed I was there.

Who am I kidding she would never go for a guy like me, the reality is I'm just an average guy. This didn't mean I was going to give up, I just needed a little courage. So I decided to call up some of the guys for a boys night out, hopefully a few of them were free.

The End

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