Blue velvetMature

As I sat  hunkered in my chair, as I do every night I went back to the day she moved in. It was a spring day May 1st to be exact, that was the day the moving truck was perched on the curb outside my window. It was a Saturday and so I was off work and usually tried to sleep in before my morning jog. I remember glancing over at the clock and the red laminated numbers flashed 6:00 am when I heard the stomping.

I made my way to the window to investigate and discovered the moving truck. There were two men unloading boxes with a dolly and disappeared into the building. No more then two minutes later I heard voices outside my door. The apartment door across the hall was propped open as the movers entered with the boxes.

From inside I heard a fragile voice directing the movers where to unload the boxes. This caught my interest, a new neighbor was always a mysterious inquiry. Wondering where they lived before, what they looked like, and if they were single. I still hadn't seen who this fragile voice belonged to yet. The movers continued this routine for a few more hours until the truck was empty.  I heard it pull off down the street into the city.

I spied out my peep hole again hoping to catch a glance and the her door opened. There in the doorway stood heaven on earth, at first I felt embarrassed watching her. Then I realized she couldn't see me behind the thick door. She had on cut off blue jeans revealing her tan toned legs and she wore flip flops. She had on a sleeveless floral blouse that tied at her waist, revealing just enough skin to get your imagination going. She was dragging some empty boxes into the hallway. she was leaning forward and I could see down her  blouse, I looked away shyly. Then immediately looked again, the round firm shape of her breasts were teasing me not to look. I swallowed the drool forming in the corners of my mouth as my penis became erect. No women has ever had this effect on me from so far away.

I was caught up in a fantasy when she stood up, and through the peephole I say those blue eyes for the first time. The were smooth like blue velvet, and this excited me even more. I watched as she bit her soft glossy lips while dragging more boxes into the hall. I wanted to go out and introduce myself, but with the current bulge in my shorts I thought it inappropriate.

Eventually she gathered up all the boxes and disappeared down the hall, and I watched her from behind. Her hips switched back and forth and her walk was graceful.

I waited at the peephole for her return, but since she locked her door I assumed she wasn't coming right back. So after I calmed my manhood down I changed into my sweats for my jog as it was already 10:00 am. As I listened to the tunes jam in my ears I revisited the image of her standing in the doorway. She was like an angel and I wanted to be her guardian. I quickly changed my thought remembering my earlier response to her. After my jog I headed back up to my apartment and showered.

I many times returned to the peephole to see if she had returned with every little noise I heard. It must have been later that evening I finally heard her return and with bags. Probably groceries or something I wasn't quite sure. She didn't turn around this time just dispersed into her apartment.

That night as I lay in bed I touched myself at the thought of her, I visioned her nude. I found pleasure in these images. After much masturbation I drifted off to sleep and into a sweet wet dream.

There were candles and rose petals layered the floor. She was sitting on my bed with sheer white lingerie kissing her body. On her feet were tall silver heels, the kind made for the bedroom only.

She signaled with her finger for me to join her. I sat next to her and she ran her hands over my chest.

They were so soft that send shivers down my spine and I was immediately stiff. Her supple lips kissed the back of my neck like silk. She whispered in my ear, "Do you want me?"

My breath got heavy as I turned around and laid her on her back. I lifted up her lace lingerie and began kissing her stomach. She ran her fingers through my hair as I reached her perfect breasts. Then.......

Ring! Ring! Ring! the damn phoned pulled me right out of my dream. It was my boss asking if I could make in for a few hours today. We had a big project and we were behind. The deadline was approaching and this was a big contract.

In my line of work we purchase failing properties and flip them around to make a prophet. Yes one of those men you see in a suite and carrying a brief case.

I accept his request and hung up the phone as I got out of bed. Since it was a Sunday business attire was not required so I threw some jeans and T-shirt. I glanced at her door as I passed trying to visualize her sleeping in her bed.

That was the weekend that changed my whole outlook on life.

The End

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