Say hello, wave goodbye

The next day Alex went to Michael’s, a craft store, to get some stuff for Michelle’s mum. He picked up gold ribbons, black strips with space to put on her name and the year, string of stars, two little tigers for the center, and lots of sparkly accents. She’ll love it.

At school during second block was election time. For the freshmen, they could only vote for their grade. Obviously he nominated him and Michelle, but he’d rather have her win more than he wanted himself to. She deserved it more than anyone else.

By the end of the day the ballots were in. Of course, being most popular in his grade, he was chosen freshmen prince. The kids in his Spanish class cheered at the announcement. He smiled but it was quickly dropped.

Freshman princess was Whitney.

Who in the world would vote for her? It has to be rigged. He figured Courtney Shelton would make it, because she’s much more popular than Whitney. He couldn’t believe it.Michelle. She’ll think something’s up. Oh, God.

Alex rushed to her leadership class right after the bell rang. It was only a hall and a corner turn away, so it didn’t take long. Most people he passed congratulated him, but he couldn’t thank them.

“Michelle!” he called out when she hurried down the stairs. She turned around at the end of the steps.

“What?”Can’t these people go down the stairs any slower?

“I’m sorry,” he said when he finally got to her. He took her hands.

“Sorry for what?” She shifted.

“You didn’t make it. I voted for you, of course. But aren’t you made that Whitney did?”

“Well, thanks, and no, I’m not mad. Why should people vote for me? Nobody knows me. I’m invisible.”

“Okay. I just wanted to make sure. And you’re not invisible,” he persisted.

“Right, right. I’ll see you tomorrow,” She waved him away as she broke through the crowd to leave. He hated knowing she’s a bit angry no matter what she says.

The week went by tensely between Alex and Michelle. She had spelling club Wednesday, and he went to Key Club on Thursday, and neither went to the game Friday because both had something to do with their families. They had zero time to get together and so the next time they saw each other out of school was the following Wednesday.

“Here’s your mum,” Alex presented to her at his house a little after four.

“It’s beautiful! Thank you,” She kissed him. “And now for you,” She pulled out his from a bag and handed it to him. It has similar ribbons and details like hers, just a small amount changed so it’s for a boy to wear.

Now that they’ve exchanged mums, he showed her his suit he’d wear Friday for the homecoming game. She didn’t bring up anything about his escorting Whitney. Maybe that was better than arguing again.

“You look so cute,” Michelle complimented. He grinned widely. “How are we going to get to the game?”

“I’ll pick you up at six-thirty. I’m sure the parents will want pictures,”

“That is true. Okay. I can’t wait,” They spent the evening with his parents for dinner and watched a movie. He didn’t want her to leave, but she had to.

Finally Friday came. In fourth block there was a pep rally in the gym. It highlighted on the varsity football and introduced who made court. All the guys had to connect their arms with their princess. He cringed when Whitney held his hand. He bet Michelle was glaring at her.

As soon as the induction was finished, he quickly broke free of her grip and walked faster than her, catching up with the sophomore pair. He wants nothing to do with her, and it showed.

At home, he dressed into his black tux with a gold tie in honor of the school’s main colors. He can hardly hang around for another three hours until he can see Michelle. So he spent his time wandering on the internet, talking to random people on Facebook and checking his mail.

So excited for tonight!! See you there! <3 Whitney

Can’t he ever get a break from her? For once he’d like to do nothing related to her.

The End

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