Meant to be

 Gasps and aw’s emanated around from behind. He kept going with it until she pulled away. Her face is a very bright shade of vermillion. He hasn’t kissed her like that yet.

“Uh, I, I have to go.” It must’ve knocked her out. Otherwise she wouldn’t be stuttering. “Bye, Alex,” She scurried away with her friends, not even looking back. But he knew she was smiling. He could almost see it as she pushed back a strand of hair behind her ear. That’s what she usually does when she smiles.

Alex returned to his friends, pretending nothing even happened. They were invisible when they kissed.

“Dude, who was that?” Trevor asked.

“A girl, obviously,” Alanna spat playfully. “What’s her name?” She drew the words out in a teasing way.

Don’t be afraid.“Michelle.”

“She’s adorable. How come she left so early? It’s only the beginning of the fourth quarter,” Leticia questioned.

“They’re adorable,” Alanna corrected. She nudged him. “You guys dating?”

“Not yet. I have a good plan for it, though.” If only he can find the right time.

“Tell us as soon as she says yes. We’re rooting for you guys now,” Megan exclaimed.

“She’s hot,” Trent, Trevor’s twin brother, hooted. Alex glared at him. He doesn’t want them to hit on her.

Applause roared from the stands. He peered over at the scoreboard and found his team got a touchdown. He clapped along with them, almost forgetting about the earlier conversation.

“Well, who wants Applebee’s?” Trevor shouted, and everyone piled into their cars. Alex rode with the boys.

“Nice girl,” Trent said. “How long have you known her?”

“Sixth grade. About three years.”

“Wow, that’s a long time,” Trevor pointed to the radio. “Music?”

“Yeah.”  Suddenly those three years are flashing through his mind. The music is on and the first song is ‘Lullaby’ by One Republic. No way. That’s his favorite song by that artist. And it’s perfect for what he’s thinking about.

A booth is simply not big enough for six people, but they managed to fit anyway. Appetizers were passed around, drinks shared, and then chocolate desserts were split. He loves hanging out with older people. He switched to the girls’ car on the way back since they’re actually in his neighborhood rather than the guys. He was having so much fun that he didn’t notice his phone buzzed four times. That’s four missed calls in about twenty minutes.

Sorry, Michelle.


Why isn’t he picking up? I have to discuss the, ah, kiss. Just thinking about it still makes me blush.

Alex better have a good reason for not answering. How could he just kiss me like that in public? I thought he was too scared to be with me. However, I’m glad he did. It made me feel known, like I was in the spotlight. All those people making noises centered on us seemed like it. The shadows didn’t close me in any longer. I didn’t feel invisible. I finally felt recognized. I could fly.

Phone in hand, I snuggled up in bed, imagining Alex’s arms wrapped around me, murmuring sweet things. It kinda broke my heart knowing he’s not actually with me, but I just remember the kiss and everything’s alright. I continued dreaming about him, recalling images of the poster he gave me even though it’s at my dad’s house hanging on the wall in a frame. It was so thoughtful of him to make a collage of what I’ve always wanted. I don’t know how he found the lakes, the schools, and the wedding. It’s as if he looked right into my brain and pulled out the pictures of my memories and put them down. Everything was exactly the way it should be.

The hum of the phone jolted me awake, breaking free from his made-up arms.

“Do you know the song lullaby by one republic?” Alex texted. I didn’t. “go listen to it. I don’t care what you’re doing, it’s worth it.” I shrugged the blankets off me and silently told him I’d be right back. Silly me,he’s not here.

On YouTube, I typed it in the search box and picked the first one that came with lyrics.

As the light goes out
Thoughts turn to angels
Over us
As the night comes in
Dreams start their drifting
And you hear
A lullaby
A lullaby
You and I”

This song. This wonderful, beautiful, amazing song. It’s ours.

“Is this for us?” I entered.

“You like it?” I bet he was hesitant.

“I love it! It’s exactly like us”

“That’s great. I’m glad you think that way,”

“Can I call you?”

“Now? It’s 12.” Why is he being so unwilling to pick up the phone to his ear?

“I get it. You don’t want to talk to me.” My heart started to sink. How could it go from totally healed to bruised in seconds?

“No! I just got home and I don’t want to disturb people who are sleeping, that’s all”

“That’s how late you were out? Geez, where'd you go? And couldn’t you just go outside or something?”

“I was at Applebee’s with those people I was with. And I guess I could.”

“Never mind, I don’t want to talk anymore. Goodnight.”

“Michelle, wait.” I shut the phone down after that. My frustration at him is just too much.

I can’t remember the kiss.Thanks a lot, Alex.


Why does he always screw up when school starts? He admits he was rather arrogant when it came to last night, showing off Michelle without a care and ignoring her request to talk. But he’s not always like that. Being with those kids made him feel popular again, something that he hasn’t felt in a very long time. He shouldn’t have let that get to him when he was texting Michelle. He treated her as if he never knew her.

He’s so stupid at night.

Going to try to make this correct, he walked to her house really early in the morning even though he had the opportunity to sleep in, which he badly needed. But nothing felt quite right knowing she’s disappointed in him, and it greatly bothered him.

Three knocks on the door. Her mom greeted him.

“Hello, Alex. Here to see Michelle?” She let him in after nodding. “She may still be sleeping. It’s Saturday, after all.” They chuckled together.

Quietly he turned the knob and tiptoed in, not wanting to wake her, if she was sleeping. He heard some rustling. It could mean anything.

She’s asleep.

So beautiful,he thought.What’s that in her hand?

Her phone. And it’s on. And the last message was his. She didn’t erase it.

What a jerk he is.

Gently he crawled up next to her, careful not to move the bed. Luckily it’s not the noisy kind. He plugged in his i-pod in her alarm clock and played the song. He enveloped her close, breathing in her sweetness, listening to the calming melody. He kissed her jaw, her neck, her collarbone, places much neglected. Not wanting to completely wake her up –she looked so serene when sleeping- he avoided the mouth entirely. He could hear her heartbeat quickening even though her back was pressed against his front. His own joined her pace.

As the light goes out
Thoughts turn to angels
Over us
As the night comes in
Dreams start their drifting
And you hear
A lullaby
A lullaby
You and I”

Michelle almost turned but remained in her position. He felt her fingers wrap around his tightly. It’s like holding a very weak and scared child. Butterflies fluttered in his stomach when he thought of having children. Raising them with the very person he’s with right now.

Her mutterings started.

“I hate her. She took my best friend. She took my life.” And so on.

But, there was an interesting twist.

“”Why do I always have to be disappointed? Why can’t I ever disappoint someone? It’s so frustrating to realize that I’m the one who gets let down, not the other way around. I love them and yet I get no love in return.” He figured that’s how it was last night. “Don’t they know how much it hurts to be rejected? To be said no to? I’ve had enough of it, more than my fair share of it. When will it be my turn to be happy again?” She doesn’t normally talk in her sleep, just little mumbles here and there. Maybe her life has gotten so out of control that now she’ll become a sleep-talker.

“I want my Alex,” she whispered. “I want him to be here with me.”

“I’m here,” he murmured. “Don’t worry, I’m here.” The song has gone on at least six times.

She flipped over, her piercingly green eyes staring into his. Nothing registered at first; she just sighed and smiled. “Mmm. I was just thinking about you,” Then she woke up.

“Alex! What are you doing here?” She sounded angry but astonished. He got up and let go of her.

“Uh,” Why is she so mad? She wanted him here. “Your mom let me in.” Lame. She rolled her eyes. “No, I felt really bad about last night and I just wanted to fix this. Please, forgive me.”

“Alex. What is this song?”

“Lullaby.” He didn’t know what else to say.

“Is it our song?”

“Only if you want it to be. Is there another option?” No. “It’s ours, then. In the state of Texas a verbal contract is binding that ‘Lullaby’ by One Republic is now officially the song that’s ours.” Michelle giggled.”So we’re good?”

“We’re good.” She kissed him. “I love this song,”

“I’ve got good taste.”

“I’m surprised you didn’t pick a David Gray one,”

“The ones you love are about enemies and such, and clearly I’m not your enemy. And you prefer sadder sounding songs, like this one,” he explained.

“Ah. Right.” Another brief peck. “Any plans for the day, now that I’m happily awake?” she said sarcastically. He laughed.

“I do have an idea. Can you come to my house?”

“Like, now?” He nodded. “Okay. I’m gonna change.” She scooted him out.

About ten minutes later -she takes the longest time just to put on clothes- they headed to his mom’s house, chatting along the way as if nothing wrong was going on. They both know that last night was a mixed reaction, the kiss and the tiny fight. But they chose to ignore it.

Here comes his plan…

The End

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