The world's stopped

The week went by pretty slowly, mainly because of reviews and rules and papers. Alex was ready for the first varsity football game of the year. He was going with his sophomore friends that he’s known since seventh grade. Michelle had her own plans.

 He was going to ask if she can go with him, but for some reason his stupid ego got in the way. The tenth-graders won’t care; they think anyone who’s with him is cool. But the freshmen, he can’t be too sure. This town is so lame that way.

 During the night, he hung out with a mix of both grades either at the front gate or the first row of the bleachers. He barely got to sit down, though. Those older people sure love to take pictures.

 When the game was drawing to a close, the group moved to the stairs, almost blocking the way for people to get through. He sat on the rail, laughing when needed, but his attention was toward the game. He wanted to watch it, but he has to stay with his friends, because they’re taking him home. His eyes drifted to the right and he saw Michelle walking with Mikayla down the steps, and Cameron was following much too close behind for his taste. But she’s still friends with him, so he can’t say anything.

 The cluster moved nearer to the rails, but they had to squeeze by. A flicker of recognition sparked in her eyes as she hurried through. He longed to get off the bar and talk to her, but his friends started laughing again. She looked over her shoulder at him and smiled. He gesticulated rapidly so the crowd won’t see. Then Cameron put his arm around her.

 No. No. NO.

 He pushed off the rail and headed for them.

 “What do you think you’re doing, man?” he seethed.

 “Hey, we’re taking a picture. See?” Mikayla held up the camera. Still. He’stouchingher. He does not want a finger on her from Cameron.

 “Alex, please,” Michelle implored. “Don’t worry. I haven’t done anything. I won’t. I’m leaving, anyway.”

 He lowered his voice. “With him?”

 “No. Only Mikayla. He’s also leaving, just not with us.”

 “Good.” She stared at him. “Sorry, sorry. Did you have fun tonight?”

 “Yes. I got interviewed by the school paper. I probably looked like a fool,”

 “She did,” Mikayla piped up. Michelle gave her a death glare and giggled.

 “That’s cool.” Alex turned around and saw the girls staring at him quizzically. “I’m gonna go back. See you Monday,” Knowing they’re watching him, he just waved. She sighed, but grinned.

 Do it now, you’ll hear all about it from the freshmen. Do it now, you won’t have to worry about getting caught. Do it now and you won’t care in the future what anyone thinks. They’ll have to find out soon. Better early than late.

 He kissed her.

 On the lips.

 In front of everyone.

The End

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