The reason

Summer has been so busy lately. Shopping for school clothes and supplies, training and studying to get my driver’s permit, spending time with Mikayla, going to my grandparents’ for birthdays and anniversary dinners. I didn’t have time at all for Alex, and I wanted to be with him as much as I can.
When we talked a few weeks ago, he suggested we should go to the park one day, to be with each other and such, but I had to decline because I was doing something. But today I actually have nothing in my plans so I took up on that offer.
His brother dropped us off at the town park around six, when the sun was on its journey to descend. I bet he picked this time just for my enjoyment because I’m irrevocably in love with the scenery right now. The yellow orb was peeking through the tall lush trees and rays of light shined down like wispy smoke in between the foliage. We ventured towards the pond while I took a ton of pictures that surrounded us. A little girl with her daddy throwing scraps of bread for the ducks, tiny kids sitting on the pillars fishing with their parents, bicyclists looping the sidewalks around the park, an old couple holding hands as they walked with huge smiles on their faces, children screaming and giggling on the playground. I remembered our conversation about our future together and this made me yearn for the years to fast forward so I can experience this. All in a different place, of course.
Alex laid out the checkered blanket in the middle of the whole park, where the sun was gleaming down on us. A small section of the beams circled around us, making me feel like we were in heaven’s spotlight. Dragonflies darted near our area, orange butterflies danced all over the place. The emerald grass rolled with the cool breeze that was much needed. The sky didn’t hold a single cloud. It’s all blue. Just like Grayson’s favorite color…
Shut up, I told myself. Don’t even think about him. You’re with a different boy. A boy you actually love. But I still love Grayson.
“So,” Alex broke my train of thoughts after handing me a peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwich. “How has your day been?”
“Not so great, until now.” I smiled. “I guess I just needed to get out of the house. I haven’t felt this good for quite a while.”
“Glad I helped,” He grinned. “I’m the same way. Nothing to do at home. Just waiting for school to start, so I can do something productive than only sit around all day.”
I nodded, agreeing. My mind is still racing.
“What are you thinking about?” he murmured, acknowledging I’m preoccupied. He pulled out the Reese’s and offered me one, but I didn’t take it. Those are his favorite candy…
Alex’s eyes narrowed, because he knows full well that they’re my favorite too. “You don’t have to tell me.”
“I’m just thinking about what’s going to happen in ten years,” I half fibbed. Except In those ten years I see myself with Grayson. But Alex doesn’t have to know that, even if I let slip about it earlier.
“I understand what you mean. Seeing all these people interests me too. The life cycle is really a thinker. Right now we’re just beginning. We just have to be patient to be a part of the future.”
“If only we had a time machine,” He chuckled. Feeling better, I grabbed a Reese’s and we talked until all the food was gone.
“This was the best dinner I had all week,” I complimented. Alex beamed. We cleaned up the mess and waited for Dad to take us back to my house for a quick swim. It’s been a very hot day.
At home, we changed and quickly jumped in the warm pool, joining Ben and Mikey who apparently have been in there an hour before. Alex was very nice to them, whereas I’d just be plain mean to Ben. But since Alex was there, I followed his behavior. The boys played that dumb game where one person is in the middle and has to tag someone while their eyes are closed. The goal is to reach the other side of the pool without getting touched. Alex almost never got in the middle; he’s a great swimmer. He caught on to the rules pretty fast.
Beth kicked the little kids out, claiming they’ve been in so much longer than we had. Dad was booted off the porch. I assumed she wanted us to have a little alone time. I figured Alex was grateful for that.
In the sky were airplanes and small stars that barely showed up. It wasn’t past nine yet, so the sky had more time to darken. Plus the porch lights were on, which diminished the sight of them. I dragged the large float into the pool and we laid on it, very close to each other because I’m pretty sure it wasn’t designed for more than one person. But nonetheless, neither one of us was able to fall off.
“See that tiny thing?” I said, pointing beyond a shadowed tree. “That’s Venus. Andrew once told me that you can tell a planet from a star if it doesn’t twinkle. It’s the first thing you can see at dusk. So whenever I see it, I always think of him.” My heart grew a tad weary at what I just said. I wish he didn’t have to leave so soon.
“That’s really cool. I’ll remember that and think of you,” Alex articulated. He stroked my drying hair, and sang softly to some song I don’t know. “It’s by Green Day,” he explained. It sounded really sweet though. The float skirted around the pool’s edges as we then sat in silence, not wanting to interrupt the comfortable stillness. Zephyrs wafted by, making my skin shiver, so Alex ran his hand over my right arm to warm it, but that just made me even colder. I liked the smooth feel of his surprisingly warm hand. Maybe it was in the water.
“Do you ever wish to go back into time and change things?” I asked.
“Some things, yes. But not all. Those times when I said I wish I hadn’t met you, I was wrong. Words spoken in the heat of anger isn’t true. Because then it’s not coming from your heart, it’s coming from hasty actions. I’d just erase a few mistakes and then review how I acted when I was younger. I was stupid back then,” He laughed to himself. “You?”
“A lot,” I sighed. “I’ve made so many errors I can’t bear to recall them. I feel so ashamed when I think of them. I was incredibly stupid in elementary school. Believe me, if we met when I moved here, you wouldn’t like me, at all. Because none of the kids did.”
“Aw, that’s not true,” he protested.
“It is! They ignored me every single day and I didn’t have a friend to rely on. You already know the story,” I reminded.
“Yeah.” He frowned, and then grinned at me. Ah, I see where this is going.
His warm lips touched mine a few seconds later, not catching me by surprise. I leaned towards the edge of the float, giving Alex more space, because he let me take up the whole thing, and then it tipped over. So much for a nice kiss.
We reached the surface, laughed at the recent event, and continued with what was the best kiss I ever had.

The End

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