Say all I need

Flames enraged on Alex’s left cheek as a hand struck him. On instinct, his own hand crept up and felt a bruise rise. He was so ready to fight back but then realized there was a girl standing in front of him.
“I knew it,” Whitney spat, deep betrayal in her eyes. “I knew you were seeing her. All those times, I should’ve noticed. I can’t believe I was so stupid to think nothing was going on,” Tears build up, almost pushing over the edge.
“Why can’t you move on? The sooner you do that, the better,” Alex said in a quiet tone.
“Everyone loves me. You loved me. I guess it doesn’t feel right to have you go around see other people,”
“Then you better get used to it, because I only love Michelle. I never loved you.” He walked to the kitchen to get a bag of ice for his face.
“Alex? When did you start loving her?” Whitney whispered, her voice in complete sincerity.
“The day I met her,” He bit his lip.
“We were dating…” she trailed. “Oh! Why didn’t you tell me!”
“I didn’t know it then. We were only sixth graders, remember?” He moved to the couch. “We didn’t know anything about love. When I start recalling that day, all I can think of was how beautiful she looked even if her hair was a stringy mess and her clothes all ruined and drenched because she fell in the water with me. She didn’t get angry afterward, we kinda just sat there and introduced ourselves. Then I didn’t see her again ‘til school began. And the devotion for her progressed to where we are now.”
“Why should you be mad, anyway? We’re not going out anymore,” he questioned.
“I guess I’m still believing that we’re together even though we broke up three years ago,” She hung her head. “Maybe I’m still love with you,”
“Please, Whitney, you need to get over it. I’m never going to be with you again, and that’s final. You’re dating Ryan now, who’s one of my best friends. Love him.”
“It’s not the same,” she mumbled.
“For crying out loud, we were twelve when we dated! We didn’t do much!” Alex’s anger raged.
“Except for that one night,” she countered.
He shuddered.
“You should leave,” He got up and ushered her out the door.
Whitney kissed his bruise. “I’m sorry. Really.”
“Go.” He wiped his cheek, ran his fingers through his hair, exhaled, and looked up.
Michelle was standing at the corner stop sign, holding his bag that he had left behind in the car.
“Oh, no,” he muttered. The look on her face…
She got in the car and drove away.

No, no, no. I’m not going to answer. Not now because I’m with another person.
I tried so hard to hold them back, the hot tears filling up my eyes. The whole trip has changed to black and white. It’s gone. All the kisses, the touches, the words are executed. This only means one thing.
Whatever positive feeling I had before has melted into oblivion. This is exactly what happened to my memories of Grayson. The trust is dead. The security is obsolete. My soul has gone back into hibernation.
My bed welcomed me and my blanket was ready to be soaked. I curled up in fetal position and let the gates flood. Why does this have to keep happening? I have a great time, then bam! Something ruins it. In this case, it’s the sight of Alex and Whitney at his door. How badly I want to die…
A knock. I straightened up quickly, thinking it’s Dad, and concocted a reason why I’m crying. I’m going with reading my favorite book which has plenty of scenes that makes me cry.
The door knob turns. My heart skipped twice.
And everything turned black and white.
“Michelle, please, listen.” I faced the wall on my bed, my blanket covering my pink face, almost suffocating me. A thump landed next to me, a hand placed on my back. I’m too numb to push it away.
“Michelle, you know I only love you. I love you. I love you. What you saw was Whitney’s doing. She was the one who started it. She was already inside my house when I got home. I never knew she was there. The second I stepped through the door she hit me. She saw us kiss outside. Whitney’s a very jealous person, remember? Apparently she still loves me. I told her to move on and get out. She then proceeded to kiss my cheek where she left a bump, where she punched me. Then I saw you, and knew you saw her. I know it looked very wrong, so very wrong, but Michelle, you have to believe me. I never intended having Whitney over. I bet my dad let her in because they’re still friends. There is absolutely nothing going on with her and me.”
My corner has never looked so dizzy. I think I might be passing out.
“Michelle, please, believe me.” His hand ran up and down my back, warming me, but there are chills going through everywhere. My brain is almost frozen solid now.
“Please.” Alex wrapped his arms around me, his head on my shoulder. I can feel something wet dropping on my arm. “Please! Nothing happened, Michelle, I swear. I love you and only you. I love you.” This went on for about an hour, and yet I’m still dead to the world. I can barely hear him by the end, his crying is so uncontrollable that his voice has almost surrendered. I can barely feel his arms, my body has turned motionless. I’m pretty sure I’m dead. Or fainted, at least.
The sun squinted through the blinds and that woke me up. A flash of color shined in the corner. The yellow walls returning, the hues from my clothes were restored. The sounds of Alex saying “I love you” grew stronger. Life spilling back in, the dam repaired. Though when I finally looked at him, it was only sepia and not color.
“I believe you,” I whispered after eternity passed. “I believe you,” Normal color replacing the gray, flowers blooming after a harsh winter. “I believe you.” A rainbow spread across the world. “I love you.” All the shades imagined came back, the puzzle pieces fixed, the holes sewn together.
“I’ll never hurt you again,” Alex murmured into my neck. “Never, ever again.” I turned around.
“Never.” I can’t pull a smile, so it kind of resulted to be a tiny frown.
“I love you, forever and always,” The brightest ray hit us, like heaven was shining down on us, binding our words into an invisible contract. The beam broke through many clouds just to reach us.
The only sound that followed was our breathing and constant whispers of promises. We sat there, melded as one, listening to the heartbeats that pounded so loudly. All the color in the world has recovered entirely.
And my heart has never felt so whole.

The End

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