We stepped into the mysterious room, it was very light, but the decorations were dark and disturbing, they were black lines. Even though I had no idea what it was it was still disturbing. As we went on Michael's grip got tighter and tighter. There was one man, and one lady, she had long think black silky hair which flowed down to her waist. Her eyes were blood thirsty, like an animal that hasn't ate in months. The male looked calmer, his hair was also black, and his white chalky skin said it all. He eyes were a shade darker to the females. She walked around the man, she looked about in her early thirties and the male looked like he's in his forties.

"Did her life go down the toilet?" I whispered sympathetically. Michael nodded I tried to pull a smile together to hid my fear. They both wore dark clothing.

"Alex, darling" She kissed him on his lips and, and swiftly moved away. I made a discussed face.

"Ahh, so this is the amazing Alison, the human" She uncomfortable moved toward me, she had a keep eyes on my neck, I felt ball of sweat roll down my neck.

"Y-yes" I stuttered, I felt my cheeks flush a deep blood red with fear.

"So who is at blame?" She looked at Michael and then at me then finely turned to Hailey; she was still stuck in the same uncomfortable position.

"You can't do this" She squealed, Alex's grip got tighter around her petite neck.

"Let go of her" Michael said though his teeth.

"One of you has to pay" She said, strolling in between us. I herd a loud scream, all our heads automatically turned to where the sound was coming from, it was Alex, I felt a gush of wind it lightly brush my hair. Hailey was behind me, I felt a sharp metal on my hand. 

"Don't let Michael see" She whispered lightly into my ear, her cold icy breath tickled my cheek. I looked down at my hand and there was a key, it was sharp, like a med- evil key, there was paper wrapped around it. What was she doing?

"It was completely my fault, I bumped into her not its Michael fault" She took a step in front so she was in the middle of the big hall.

"NO! You can't do this" I screeched, I felt my words scrape in my neck as they were hanging in my mouth. Michael's face screwed up. He hissed.

"Get back Hailey" He hissed under his cold icy breath.

"Oh" said the lady who was still wondering around us, you could tell she was disappointed, you could tell she wanted a fight. I tightly gripped the key; I felt something sharp hit the first layer of skin on my palm. I opened my clammy hands up. All I herd was heavy breathing, and lots of people snarling.

"RUN" Hailey shrilled, I ran as fast, I felt something cold cut into my arm, I looked put it was Michael. His mouth was stuck onto my arm. I looked around; the cold pain hurt so much. The big door we went in to shut tightly all I herd we screams, Hailey's scream. My vision turned into a blur, the coldness took over me.

The End

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