The sunlight shone through Juliet's wide window, my squinted eyes. I had a really bad sleep and headache.

"Juliet" I mumbled. I pushed her gently, she rolled off the bed. All I herd was the light thud of her body hit the ground.

"Crap" I mumbled, I got up and looked down.

"Ow" Juliet moaned.

"Sorry" I mumbled back. Her bed had a sweet scent to it; we both still had our cloths from yesterday night, well this morning.

"We need to get up" I moaned. I herd Juliet moan when I said that.

"It's two already, I'm meant to be back with Billy" I mumbled.

"Okay" she moaned. She got up and stumbled to her large bathroom. I herd the water run.

"I'll go into Lily's and Amy's bathroom" I mumbled. There room was a light yellow; they had pictures all over the room. I went into there bathroom and went through my daily routine. Once I got changed into some decent cloths I went back into Juliet's room, she still looked like a mess.

"I better set off, Billy's probably waiting" I left Juliet in the sate that she was in, I felt bad but Billy would be worried. The roads were clear; it was chilly out side, the trees dances in the wind. When I got home it was about three. I did a quick breath check to see if you could smell the alcohol but I was clean. I took a deep breath; the door was already which meant Billy was awake.

"Hey" He said, his feet were up on the coffee table, he wasn't at work, and he worked as teacher in the local primary school. Normally he would ask why I was so late, but he was so temperamental. I put my bag on the kitchen table; I leaned against the granite work surface. I had my eyes focused on the kitchen table; my eyes traced the wood lines.

"Hi sorry I was so late, I and Juliet were having such a great time" I lied to myself and him. Why was he in such a good mood?

"You got a letter" he said, I frowned I hardly ever got letter well except from the doctor or dentist. He handed me the letter, it was black and had sliver writing at the front. I frowned and opened the letter, the paper was not creased and almost like card but not card. I scrolled down all the words, but the ones which made me most shocked were the words funeral and Alex's name.

"Look darling you don't have to go if you don't want to" Billy got up and walked to my side, behind his words worry was burning.

"No, I want to" I said, the wedding was at five and it was three.

"I'll go as well to pay respects" He said.

"I better go and get changed" I said, Billy nodded. I walked up the stairs, my room was tidy the before, on my bed there were lodes of note and a bottle of perfume. I saw all the notes, they were all from Michael, was "Michael" telling the truth? Next to all the crumbled pieces of paper there was a neat folder bit which had my name neatly printed on the top. It only had two words on it. Please remember. He must be real, how could I forget him, but who was he? That's all that rang around in my head. I had a quick shower and wore my black dress. I walked down stairs; Billy was in his best suite which he hardly ever wore.

"Are you sure you want to go?" I nodded, he nodded back a me and opened the door, it was a fairly sunny day today.

Once we got there it was packed there were lots of people crying, I would have thought they would have gotten over it by now. I saw Alex's mom, his dad died when he was three, but he didn't like to talk about him. Alex's mum had light brown hair and vivid green eyes, but they were all red and her makeup had run slightly.

"Alison, I'm so glad you came" She came over and hugged me tightly.

"Billy" She smiled and nodded at him and walked away. Most of my class mates were there, but Juliet wasn't.

"I've just go to make a quick phone call" I mumbled, I walked over to where the tress were; it had a nice shaded area near by. I dialled the familiar number into my phone. I rang about eight time, just about when I was about to hang up Juliet picked up.

"Hi, where are you?" I asked, people were starting to go into the church, it about over one hundred year old.

"Grounded, my mom and dad found out" She mumbled, she sounded the same, just as I left her.

"Juliet" I moaned.

"Look, I've got to go" She said.

"Wait, for how long?" I asked.

"About a month or two" She mumbled.

"Okay, bye then sees you at school" I hung up. I knew I shouldn't have left Juliet. I walked back to the church; Billy was waiting out side for me. I smiled and walked in.

"Who was that?" He asked.

"Juliet, she couldn't make it, got the flu" It was draftee inside the church because it had air conditioning and because of the way it was built.

"Hope you don't get the flu" He said. We sat on the wooden benches in the middle of the church. Behind me was Amy, she had a short skirt on and the black blazer she wore was tight. She had red rings under her eyes. I think I was the best who handled it. But I don't blame his family. His mom was speaking to this man, he looked worried, he had balls of sweat on his bold head. He looked confused, and then I herd his mom scream, ever ones head turned to her automatically.

"HOW THE HELL CAN YOU LOSE A DEAD BODY!" She screamed. Ever one was shelled shocked. My phone was on silent, I was vibrating on my lap. I closed my eyes, the suddenly I remembered who Michael was, he was a vampire and I loved him. Then there was Hailey his sister and they were both vampires.

"Crap" I whispered to my self.

"What is it? Are you in pain" Billy asked frowning.

"I've got to go" I mumbled. I got up and ran towards the door, every body turned to stare at me. I tried to ignore them. The sun was blazing down I felt my body heat up, balls of sweat rolled down my spine. I took my black high heels of and ran towards the nearest street with my tights on only. I saw the corner shop from where I was, the street seemed familiar enough. I felt my phone vibrate in my hand, I looked at the number, and it was unknown.

"Hello?" I said into the speaker.

"Hi, Ali its Hailey" Her voice sounded like an angles, it was high pitched.

"Hailey I remember, do you know where Michael is?" I slowed down and leaned against a wall.

"I need to see you, meet me at the forest near your house" She sounded scared, her voice didn't flow like you normally did, like a guitar with battered strings. It sounded stiff.

"Okay, I'll be there in ten minuets" I frowned and hung up. It sounded urgent had something happened to Michael. The blazing sun followed every foot step as I ran through the empty trees. The very few people I ran past looked at me in a strange way. I had no idea where I was going, then I saw my house, I knew where I was, I saw the road which I normally drive to school. I stopped out side my gate; I put my shoes on, because the path to the forest was very bumpy and had sharp bit poking out ready to hit your shin. I saw the light, it was like daja vu but there was one think missing, Michael's cool breath against my neck, his soft footsteps and his angelic voice. I moved the branches out of the way, I saw Hailey first then I saw someone behind her, he had his arm around her neck and his other hand with his large nail on her chalky skin. The man behind her was Alex, I gasped as I studied his face. His nostrils flared. 

"A-a-Alex" I stuttered.

"Yes, you guessed right" he said gingerly, he held his arm closer to Hailey neck.

"I'm so sorry, if I didn't call you he would have killed us both" she said, i could see the worry behind her words. I felt a tear build up in my eye. I turned sharply to Alex.

"How could you?" I said in a sharp acidic tone.

"I had the chance, I couldn't let it go so now I'm working for the vamp's now that I'm one too" He said, he smiled darkly at me, I gave him a darting glare. 

"But I saw no one there at the crash" I rolled out.

"It was at the hospital, this guy came it looked like a druggie and he gave me two chances" He said shrugging.

"What do you want?" I felt a tear roll down my rosy cheeks, they felt cold and it felt as if my tear could freeze any minuet, it felt cold in the forest because the shade over took the sun's light.

"Michael" He said through his teeth. Hailey tried to get free but he grip was too strong. There was a rustling sound behind me they mixed together creating a mood board of different shades of green, I turned around, it was Michael. I ran up to him, my arm was placed around his hard waist, there fitted perfectly like a jigsaw.

"Get your hand off my girl" Alex hissed through his gleaming white teeth.

"Get behind me" Michael hiss, I herd a roaring sound coming from his broad chest.

"Follow me, other wise there will be a bonfire tonight, and it's not going to be a pretty sight" He stroked Hailey's cheek, she flinched away from he. Michael got hold of my hand, he self cold, the perfectly sculpted into my hands. I looked up into he eyes, they were still hypnotic like the first time I saw him.

"I love you" I murmured. He kissed my forehead.

"Follow him" He mumbled into my hair. I nodded. Alex still had Hailey she walked on, he led us through forests and forest all you could see was green, different shades. We got to the abandoned church it was vandalised and littered, the windows were covered over with wood, Michael squeezed my hand tightly, and it felt so good.

"DON'T make your self at home" Alex was still the same cocky person he'd always been. I scowled at him even though he hadn't seen me. Hailey was on her tip toes trying to keep up with him, he dragged her like a rag doll. We walked in, it was large and lit up in side, there was people (vampire) moving around, they had there heads down and tried not to look at me, I heard a rough sound coming from his chest, he grip was so hard against my soft hands. I looked up and him, his eyes were pitch black. There was a young girl about fourteen, she had cranberry red eyes, they darted straight at me, Michael hissed. She flinched away and kept her head down.

"She's a new to the vampire thing, her names Bridget" He said. There was a chilly breeze going around in the room. I saw the girl that I saw at the prom, she flashed her teeth at me, and I scowled back. Hailey was still being dragged. How could Alex do such a thing? My phone started to vibrate in my hand, I looked at the number it was Billy, today was probably the last time I'd see him and Juliet. I felt a tear coming on again. I tried to push it back. We stopped at a large door, it was bronze and the handles were in the shape if a lion's face. I couldn't believe this was what Michael and Hailey came home to every day. Alex opened the door with one hand, there was a bright white like coming from behind the door, and my eyes squinted in the sun light. What was it? Michael grip got tighter and tighter.

"Never let go of my hand" He mumbled. He kissed my lip, the coolness soothed them. Was this the end for me and Michael?

The End

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