Once 'Michael' had gone, we watched Romeo and Juliet. Juliet cried but I didn't have the strength to cry. We watched the newest one; Juliet wasted most of the tissues. She had red rings under her eyes.

"Seriously, it was stupid of him to drink that" She mumbled, I nudged her ribs, she got up and gathered the tissues on the floor.

"It's only a movie" I said helping her with the things, making our way into the kitchen, it was open and light. On the freezer were pictures drawn by Lily and Amy. I looked at them then fished out the picture that Iris had drawn.

"Sorry for being a normal girl" She said cheekily. I just smiled and gingerly walked into the living room.

"So what are we going to do, it's six already" I said curling up with the blue blankets on the sofa.

"Talk, you don't do enough of it" she mumbled taking a nibbling the edge of a chocolate bar, she eats a lot of junk food but had always been skinny and bony.

"About what exactly?" I asked crossing my arms around my chest waiting for an answer.

"You" She said. I'll just tell her what happened with Anna and I could give her a quick update about what's going on it wouldn't hurt.

"Well when I was with Anna I found out she's getting married to this really rich guy called Harley, but I do not know who he is and then her purposed to her, it was horrible that day. Harley has two kids, Iris who is adorable and Chad who's a typical boy. I don't know why I came back and I've forgotten every thing" I said out of breath.

"I was actually talking about your cancer, not your life story" I rolled my eye's and took a deep breath.

"I'm having my operation in four days, but I don't feel right, it's like I'm waiting for someone. It's like I need that person's permission" she gave me the- you've gone crazy look.

"It's probably just nerves, nothing else" Juliet got up and grabbed my arm; she led me through the hall way, with massive windows and the sunlight shinning in. She was taking me to her room, it was light a lavender color, and the floor was wooden. 

"Sit down; you need to relax, okay?" I did as she said, and rolled my eyes. She went into her closet and bought out a bag full of cosmetics and creams.

"Oh please no, Juliet you know I hate this sort of stuff" I said ducking from her.

"You need a partner, you need someone with you, we can't let all this go to waste" she said pointing at me.

"I do not; I've got you, Billy..." My voice trailed of into the open air.

"Since I've been with Oliver, well Ollie, I have been depression free" she said rubbing so cream on the palms of her pale hands.

"Since when have you been depressed?" I asked folding my arms. She ignored my question. She made a puppy dog face, with her big blue eyes, and with the sun light making the shimmer.

"Please" I rolled my eyes and gave her a sharp look.

"Fine you win"

"But seriously Alison, you need a manicure you finger's are a mess" she said in look at them.

"You do not know how hard I worked for them; it's the sign of a real guitarist"

"Sure thing" She said sarcastically. Her warm fingers rubbed in some sort of cream on my face. My eyelids felt heavy and sleep won once again. But my mind was still buzzing. Who was Michael? How did he know my name? How come my memories are gone?

Once I woke up, the sun was setting and my face felt plastic, but my body and face felt fresher.

"Wow, this is my best work, mostly because I had to do very little" Juliet squealed. I got up and looked in the mirror, she had made my skin a shade paler and under my eyes was some eyeliner.

"I can't believe I'm saying this but I agree with you" She hugged me tightly; I did actually look good in my own eyes.

"I've called cab for nine, so go into my closet and get changed. Her closet was as big as my room; it was full of bight colored clothes and shoes. I looked around and picked very carefully. I found a black strapless summer dress with floral patters, full of colors. I fished around even more and found a black waist belt and leggings; there was also a long black cardigan. It was like I was meant to be here. To put it all together Juliet had an old pair of green converses which matched perfectly. I came out feeling weird, not being in my normal jeans and a top.

"Wow, you look...." She had quickly done up her hair and makeup. She was covered in pink (as usual). Once we had go ready the cab came just in time. I didn't feel right I didn't even know where we were going and was stuck. Juliet was full of excitement giving directions to the driver.

"Where are we going?" I moaned.

"Just this night club, and don't worry about money I've got my credit card" She said putting her hand on her bag. She looked at least eighteen, her top was strapless too, but without a cardigan.

"This doesn't feel right" I moaned.

"Just a few drinks, pull up here please" She said point at the curb the taxi driver pulled up, it was cold and chilly outside, the wind tangled in my chocolate hair.

"Come on, just down here" She grabbed my arm and dragged me to two large wooden doors; under the doors you could see the flashing lights and the thud of the music. There was a large man, he looked Indian he had dark skin color and brown eyes, and black hair. His large muscles said it all.

"Money" He asked his voice was so low, and hard.

"Oh, I've got a membership" She said holding up a card. The large muscular man nodded and moved out of the way.

"How did you...?" I said chocking on my own words.

"Contacts" She mumbled. The music was loud people were dancing; they looked like there were high. I and Juliet swiveled in and out of the people. Every single male we went past looked me in the eyes, they scrolled down the whole of my body until my feet. I blushed uncomfortably and moved away.

"Only a few drinks" I said with a worried tone to my voice worried.

"Yes, I've been here a few time's, don't worry" She led me to the counter there was a young man there; he was shaking up a martini. He winked at me; I looked away trying to act like I didn't see him do that.

"Yes girls" he said gingerly, he had a wide grin on his face. He leaned over.

"Can I have a martini and..." Juliet looked at me.

"I'll have a martini to then" I said looking around the room. It was hot and sweaty in there.

"Free for you two ladies" He said winking at us.

"Can we make it only one drink then go back home?" I moaned.

"Fine but you're ruining the fun" She said. So much had changed from when we were younger. Then man was shaking the martini, but his eyes were on me I looked away, the thudding of the music gave me a massive headache. He handed me the drink over.

"Thanks" managed to spit out. He held out his hand for me to shake.

"Will" He said his teeth were so white in the dark.

"Alison, but everyone call's me Ali" I said shaking his clammy hands. I sipped the bitter, sour drink. It's made my taste buds tingle in a bad way. I didn't manage to finish it.

"Drink it up" Juliet said excitedly, this is her equivalent of a quite night in.

There was a deep voice behind me shouting "drink it up" It was Will, then everyone in the club started chanting. I got the drink and took a deep breath. The strong smell made my nostrils flair.  I held the glass up to my lips. I had a tight grip of the glass from under. I drank it down in one gulp; there was a burning sensation in my throat. The last time I had a martini I swear it wasn't this strong.

"See that's wasn't so hard was it" Juliet said rubbing my back in comfort.

"No, it's was horrible, I'm a coffee type of girl" I said giving the glass back to will.

"That has got to be the strongest martini I've ever had" I said.

"It's just the adrenaline!" She said. She leaned over the counter and whispered in Will's ear, he nodded and smiled.

"What was that all about?" I asked.

"I asked for a shot" She said casually then started grinning.

"What!?" I mumbled wiping my mouth with the back of my hand

"Then we can go, after the shots don't worry" Her don't worries were something to be worried about.

"Oh please no" I said shaking my head. Will put the shot glasses on the table. 

"Drink" He chanted once again. Oh not this again. The chanting filled the whole club, people clapping, the music got lowered. I closed my eyes, and took a firm grip of the glass. I took a deep breath and gulped the strong fire drink down. It was burning; I felt it go down my body. Juliet didn't have hers, she made a disgusted face. My vision was a blur, the people moved around. I didn't feel stable; I felt someone hit my but.

"Get of me, you pedo"  screamed.

"Crap she's drunk" I herd Juliet's voice.

"Come on were going" She grabbed hold of my arm and led my out into the cold; I felt the wind slap my face. 

"I feel sick Juliet" I mumbled, my brain had shut down. I felt dizzy, I leaned over and was sick everywhere, Juliet held my hair back.

"I think 'Will' spiked you" She said getting her phone out of her purse. I wiped my mouth with my cardigan sleeve. I leaned against the wall, around the corner from the pub.

"This was a bad idea" Juliet said, biting her lip, she held up her phone to her ear and waited.

"I swear I said that an hour ago" I mumbled.

"The taxi's is on its way don't worry" She said rubbing my arms. My head mas spinning and my mouth tasted sour and bitter. Even though Juliet was here I didn't feel satisfied , it felt like she wasn't my best friend, there was someone else out there, but I had just forgotten them. We waiting fifteen minuets in the cold, Juliet was shivering and rubbing her arms creating fiction. The cold felt good on my skin, I didn't feel cold I felt comfortable. I wasn't drunk any more, but I still had a headache

"You know, I think I forgotten someone or something important in my life" I said folding my arms.

"Honey your drunk, if you did I would know and I would have remembered" She said, her lips were blue and her skin was even paler in the silver moonlight.

"No, seriously, I think I must have fallen and hit my head and forgotten everything" I said, my teeth chattered together. Ten minutes had pasted by, it was probably midnight by now. The cab pulled up by the curb. Juliet went in first.

"Where can I take you two young ladies" He said, he was in his middles ages, brown hair and dark blue eyes. He seemed kind. Juliet mumbled her address; he tapped it into a little machine.

"Right, put your seat belts on" Mine was already on, he stared to drive, the moon followed us home, when I was younger I always used to follow it with my eyes, I used to think it was stalking me. It was silent the rest if the way, it was about a twenty minuet drive because it was on the border line on out crummy little town. The clubs postcode was part of New York. The taxi driver parked up in front of Juliet's house, she was still shivering. The clouds had hidden the sliver moon; all you could see was gray clouds. I gave him a twenty doller bill.

"Come on lets get you in" I said taking her pink purse, it had the keys in it. I fiddled around looking for the right one.

"It's the one with a pink ribbon on it" She mumbled through her clenched teeth. I go the key and opened the door; the room was just like we left it.

"Let's just go up stairs" I said supporting her, her bear arms were freezing. Once we stumbled up stairs, Juliet went straight into her large bed. I still had a headache; this really didn't help for my operation which was in four days. But who am I waiting for? Why them? I didn't bother getting changed, it was about one o'clock. Just when I was about to settle down my phone rang. Who would ring me at this time of night? I looked, it was an unknown number. I held my phone up to my ear.


"Hi, Alison, please remember me, please!" the mysterious voice said.

"I'm Michael, Hailey's brother, you know me" I knew who Hailey was but was not that close.

"If I did know you I would remember, sorry" Who was he? was he the same guy from today?

"Just please try to remember" He said, he sounded desperate.

"Okay, I will try after I've gotten some sleep" I tried to hint him.

"Oh sorry, but please remember" I hung up and laid down. Juliet was softly snoring. I felt to tried to sit up all night and think. I shut my eye's, sleep over powered my body. I still had my shoes on, I kicked them of and drifted to a dreamless night, all saw was blackness, plain blackness, was this meant to be my dream? Or was this my nightmare?

The End

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