I fished around in my pocket and found a pick piece of paper; it was Iris's drawing of me and her in a sunny field. I felt a tear coming on, I pushed it back. I sat on my bed looking at open space, my eyes focused on one single cloud which drifted by. I looked down at my hands; I curled them into fist, my nails dug into the palms of my hands. My hair was in a high bobbled which dangled down to my back. I looked over to the left of my shoulder; my guitar was there like a left it, Billy hadn't been in my room science I went. On the bedside table next to my guitar my keys were sitting there waiting to be picked up my skinny little fingers, I had an urge to pick them up and drive far away and then make a return when I'm seventeen and then I would be famous and Michael will finely realise that he needs me and he will turn me into a vampire. But I had already made a disappearing act. My shoes were on I was ready, but what I was waiting for. I leaned over and got the keys, they rattled around in my pocket. I knew Michael would find out I was gone, I could never outflank him it was impossible. I skipped down stairs and grabbed my old battered coat. I opened the door shakily, and took a deep breath. The wind had slowed down; I ran to my car and got in. I reved the engine, I herd a roaring sound and flinched away it was so loud compered to Hailey's car. I gently pressed down the petal, and the car went forwards. Once I got onto the main road rain started, tiny drops dances on the windshield, I had no idea where I was going all I knew was that I needed to clear my head. That dream felt so real, that was all that was on my mind, every thing else was blocked out only my and my thoughts. The rain picked up, the roads were deserted, and no one was there, just my old crappy car. It was outside a field. I got out and walk aimlessly through the woods, until I reached a park. The chains of the swings rattled and squeaked, it look abandoned, like a horror movie reset in our crummy little town. I walked in and out the slides whilst rain tangled in my knotted hair. My lips felt cold, not like when Michael kissed me on the lips, disperse lonely feeling fluttered around in my stomach. I sat down on the swing. I saw a man black eyes (or really dark brown) and his face was pale. What would a young man like him be doing hear, I bet the same answer rand through his head. I didn't pay much attention to him; I just tried to think hard about what I wanted in life. Did I want the operation or did I want to become a vampire. I got up, my jeans were wet and so was my light brown hair. Once Anna died it for me and it went very wrong. In the cold it turned purple and in the sun it went ginger. I dark laughed to my self. I got up and wandered in the woods. It felt like someone was watching me. I herd light foot steps or was it my mind going mad. I turned around and a few feet away behind me was the same guy, my pace buildt up and my arms, swung by my waist. I turned around again and he wasn't their. I frowned standing there like a loner. I scowled at the tree. Trees always happened to give me bad luck, when ever something bad happened I happen to always be near a tree. I swear that guy is stalking me, great, in a forest (with trees) and I have my own stalker. I pushed through the thick leafs the rain hovered down, there's a light swishing sound whistling in between the trees. I stumbled until I see a patch of green. I was back where I started, the park. But why the hell was I even in the forest in the first place. Every thing was so confusing. I pulled my weight back to the swings and sat there, and then the strange guy was there. He sat next to me.

"Life's hard" He said looking into my eyes, I tried not to look into them, I was so gullible.

"Yes" I hissed harshly. He looked down and twiddled with his thumbs.

"Sorry, bad day!" I mumbled.

"Yeah I know" He sighed, my face screwed up, I turned to face him with my hood up.

"You don't know any thing you stalker" I snapped back at him.

"I read peoples minds" He said smugly.

"Give -me- a -break" I muttered to myself.

"Please just leave me alone, you do not know what has happened, I would like to be alone. Please!" I hissed through my chattering teeth. He put his hands up as a surrendering sigh and walked away.

"Freak" I muttered to my self and he walked away. The rain picked up again, and the wind came after the freak had gone. If he was a mind reader I doubt that he looks normal, but them I'm a steriotype. I stumbled to my car and lay in the front seat, my hair around me like a lions main. My cloths were soaked and my lips were blue. The rain spat on my car, I closed my eyes and felt a push against the car. The wind wasn't that bad when I was outside, it couldn't have picked up that bad. I got up and looked out the window. It was the freak. I immediately got up and scurried around for the keys. I found them, but my hands were so cold against the metal bit, my hand were shaking furiously. The guy opened the car, his eyes were hard and black and he snarled and me I flinched away. There was a roaring sound from his broad chest.

"NO!" I screamed, my high shrills didn't help at all not one bit, no one was there. He put his fingers on my cheek, he looked thirsty. He eyes locked into mine then blackness came. Was I dieing? Was he the angel on death? It seemed so peaceful too peaceful. It was like drowning but being able to breathe your body in the water floating but you were able to breath. I couldn't feel, hear, and smell anything. Was this death? Just plain blackness and thoughts buzzing around in your head?

My head really hurt, it was like someone had jammed lodes of stuff into it, to much for my head to hold. I was in my lightly light room, Billy was at the door.

"What the hell were you thinking? Two disappearing acts in one day" He said sternly at me. I hid my head in the pillows. I didn't feel like arguing.

"I needed............" I didn't know why I went, for what reason.

"I don't know why I left Anna's and I don't know why I went out" I frowned. I didn't remember anything just going to Anna and I remember having to go somewhere. He sighed.

"Look I'm really worried about you, that's all!" He said leaving my room. I laid my cool hands on my forehead. My phone rang. It was Juliet, but underneath it said eight miss calls from this unknown number. It must have been the wrong number.

"Hi" I muttered.

"Hi did I wake you up?" She asked conserved.

"No, Billy did that job for me" I said laughing to my self.

"Well my folks are out of town and I was wondering if you wanted to come over for a sleep over?" She asked excitedly.

"Yeah, but I have got the worst headache" I mumbled.

"Oh same here it really started to hurt whilst I was sleeping and it went really cold, and I herd about your disappearing act" She snorted.

"I really don't know why I went, and I don't remember saying with Anna"

"You're probably just tried, so do you want to come around about twoish?" She asked.

"Yeah sure, I'll gather my things up and I'll be there by two" I hung up and pulled the duvet off my body. I still hand the same cloths on, it really stank from the soggy-ness. My shoes were off though. How the hell did I get here?

There morning went fast, silent as usual. I ate a piece of dry toast. It was one thirty when I left, Juliet lived a bit out of town about half an hours drive; I packed my tooth brush and jogging bottoms. My car hand a sweet scent so did my bed room, and I found a box of note under my bed before I left and lots of notes. There were probably from when I was like seven and I found a bottle of perfume. That was also probably Anna's because I did steal a lot of her things. The roads were clear, and the rain from last night had differed away. All I remember was the rain from last nigh, the sky was clear. I turned the radio on, I sang along I felt so relived and happy even though I did get told off. I parked up in front of Juliet's house it was big and wide. I knocked on the door humming, with my small bag in my hands. Once Juliet opened the door she hugged me, her skinny arms wrapped around my neck.

"Hey" I mumbled stepping back from her.

"Sorry, just excited"

"As usual" I mumbled. I walked in she laid blankets on the floor and the TV was on. She skipped to the kitchen.

"It seems like I haven't seen you in ages" She squealed getting some popcorn ready.

"Yeah, Juliet you really didn't have to do all this" I mumbled walking into the living room. There was a light knock on the door.

"I'll get it" I shouted as I got up and opened the door, there was a boy about my age. He was so beautiful, it was like a dream. I frowned.

"Alison we need to go.."I gave him a confused look It was like he knew I was going to open the door. I was speechless not a word came from me.

"How do you know my name?" I asked with the door there ready for me to slam in his face.

"Alison?" He said.  He doesn't go to our school as far as I know.

"Think you've got the wrong house" I said shutting the door, just about the door was going to close his foot came in the way. I opened it, and frowned.

"Who are you?" I asked freely not blushing wanting straight answers.

"Michael" I didn't know a Michael unless he has a bloody good memory and he could have gone to the same kindergarden as me. His face was emotionless and his hands were frozen, the golden light shone on his golden hair, he was beautiful but I had enough of boys, I'm not ready to date. I shut the door in his face.

"Freak" I mumbled to myself and rolled my eyes.

"Who was that?" Juliet asked coming out from the big kitchen with a big bowl of popcorn in her arms, her mom and dad were million airs, she gets what she wants most of the time. She had two little sister, Amelia and Lily there things were sprawled around the house.

"Don't know but I swear..." Before I could finish my sentence Juliet skipped towards the large window, she moved the blinds out of the way. The room was light because of light shining in, I squinted my eyes because of the sun.

"He's hot" She shriled highly like a child, even though she was proper teen nearly adult shes always had child like feature either the cloths, hair or face.

"Yes, but I swear he's stalking me" I mumbled trying not to acted freaked out.

"Don't blame him, your the prettiest girl in the school" I felt my cheeks burn up, the blush engulfed my face.

"And that's why your my best friend" I said giving her a sarcastic smile, she skipped over to me and hugged me tightly, she was showered in pink and white. She had a sweet sent to her, like sunflower.

"You know, I may not be the cleverst girl"- Before I could protest against that she put her skinny finger on my lips. They felt so warm, almost unsual, she had bright pink nail polish on which matched her rosy cheeks-"But he looks like that girl, the really pale but pretty one, in out chemistry class and some other one. Hannah,..Hailey that's the one Hailey. They look alike a lot.

"Yeah, but he's still a stalker" She shrilled of laughter again.



The End

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