I got out of the truck and grabbed my bag; I flung it over my shoulder it wasn't that heavy. Anna opened the front door with a key. I could see she was very excited, like a child having a sugar over lode; she had it showing in her bright green eyes. I could hear someone upstairs light foot steps and murmurs, and children. I put my bag down and there was a man coming down the stairs his hair was light brown and blue eyes, I smiled weakly not wanting to be rude.

"Hi, you must be Alison?" He had his hand in front of him. I shakily reached out; his hands were just as clammy as mine, which made it even. I nodded shyly and blushed. Anna walked to his side, and he kissed her on her lips, I really didn't want to ruin her 'fun'.

"So, where-where will I be sleeping?" I asked shakily, grabbing my bag from the floor, every thing seemed in proportion, I was just a big chunk standing out. It's like when you're cutting a square and there's a chunk that you need to cut off to make it perfect.

"Just up stairs hun, I'll take you there" Harley released her; she acted like a fourteen year old. She bounced up stairs, looking like she was going to burst. There was s small white room right infront; it had a pale wooded cupboard. I smiled and put my bag down.

"You really like him don't you?" I asked, and then sighed.

"Yes, I love him and Iris and Chad are adorable, you can meet the in a minute, there just putting there colouring things away. Their really excited to meet you" She said hugging me; she tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. I sighed, and kissed her on her cheek. She smiled, and squeezed my hand.

"If your happy I am too" I said. She kissed my forehead, and walked out f the room.

"You can put your cloths away" She said walking out of the small clean room. This was going to be a tip once I was out of here. There was a picture handing delicately on the wall, I got up and looked at it, it was a picture of a Lily, my favourite flower. I got my finger and traced the line of the light petals, and the lively green stem. I got my bag and unpacked my things, there was an on suite bathroom, I put my toiletries there, and refreshed my face with cold water. It was dark outside, the stars glittered. I walked out of the room, there were lots of pictures every where, there was an Iris, a rose and some lavenders bunched together. I walked down stairs, the house was lit up. It smelt some good cooking (for once, I can't cook very well), it was stake. I walked into the kitchen it had green tiles and a granite work surface. There was a young boy about seven years old, he had dark brown hairs and pale skin, and he had grey eyes. Next to him there was a young girl, she had angel curls dangling down to her shoulder, she hand reddish eyes, and pale white skin. She must be an albino, although she had rosy cheeks. I smiled at her. I walked around to my mom.

"Iris and Chad?" I asked quietly so that no one could hear. She nodded a walked around me to put the plates on the table, it was large and wooden, and the chairs were tall and grand. I sat down feeling out of place. Iris had a blanket in her hand. She walked around to a smaller chair. Chad didn't really care that I was there, he just wanted to eat, I could tell by his hungry eyes.

"Right Chad and Iris this is Alison, but just call her Ali" My mom said standing behind me. I looked up and smiled at her.

"Tuck in then" she said walking around to sit next to Harley. I didn't know why Iris kept looking my way, she had feared and worry in her eyes.

Dinner was okay, but I would have preferred it with just me and mom.

"We are going out for dinner tomorrow!" Harley said looking up at mom. She blushed and kissed him on his lips.

"Iris do you want to take Ali to your room, and Chad you haven't finished you English homework yet, so get back here!" Harley said, Anna collected all the plates. Chad sluggishly walked over another room, and came back about a minute later and bought back a book and notepad. Iris held my hand, her hands were soft and warm, she had a soft sweet sent. She wore a beautiful dress, with different unique colours. She was only about four; it must have been hard for her to lose her mom. She took me up stairs, and took me into my room, I frowned, her grip loosened. She shut the door, with her chubby hands.

"You can't tell anyone - she mumbled, the worry and fear came back into her dimpled face - "But I saw and angel and he was looking for you, he said I couldn't tell anyone but you" She said, my jaw dropped down and my eyes widened.

"Oh, well that always happened to me when I was little and it was just a dream" I said back rubbing her arm trying to comfort her, lying wasn't my strongest point. How could he, he's such and idiot. The same question kept buzzing around in my head. She was only four for crying out loud.

"Do you want to go and get changed, I just need to call someone, but don't worry, okay?" She nodded and walked out of the room. I grabbed my phone and scrolled down until I got to his number.

"You idiot, she's only four, how could you do this?" I said pacing up and down the room.

"What the hell are you on about?" He asked confused trying to keep his voice down. it's sounded husky, and majistic.

"Iris said this Angel wanted to see me and she couldn't tell anyone but me!" I said biting my lip, I knew he would get who Iris was.

"That wasn't me, I trust you Ali. I wouldn't follow you around" He said back trying to keep his voice calm.

"It was that guy in the woods wasn't it? The guy who's following me! Isn't it?" I said trembling, I felt a tear roll down my cheek; I wiped it away with the back of my hand.

"Yes, probably, I knew I shouldn't have let you go alone" he muttered to himself in regret.

"Just stay their, he's not planning to get you straight away! I know his tactics, he want's you to worry and come back here" He said.

"Just don't worry, okay? Do you think you can do that?"

"Yes" I mumbled.

"I've got to go and tell Hailey, I'll call you later"

"Okay, bye" My voice trailed off, I hung up and sighed. Just what I needed. Iris came back into my room; she was like the little sister I've always wanted. She had her thumb in her mouth and she smiled at me, I cracked a smile back. My throat felt dry and saw. I read her a quick story and she drifted to sleep, Anna took her into her room. I had an early night, I was just too tried, and I had my medication then fell into a dreamless night.

The sun shone in through the small clean windows. My head felt dizzy, I got up and limped to the bathroom, when I stood up it felt like thousands of pins and needles injected into my foot, my hair was all bushy and my eyes had purple rings under them. I took my pills and limped down stairs. Everyone was already awake. It felt weird; all these people were strangers to me accept Anna. I didn't feel right. I could smell eggs and toast, the sun was shining down at the table. Iris hair was let down, her eye glinted in the sun light. She smiled at me, she had a red head band, and her ringlets sat on her shoulder. She had a black skirts and white top on. Chad smiled at me, I smiled back frowning. I got a piece of dry toast, and nibbled it.

"That's all you are eating?" Anna asked, taking a fork full of egg.

"Not that hungry" I mumbled. She nodded, and rolled her eyes. It was Friday, Chad went to school moaning, and Iris didn't feel that well, I wasn't the only one then. She looked pale and under her eyes were dark circles. Anna gathered the dirty plates, and put them in the dishwasher she washed her hands, she was so busy these days.

"I'm going to clean upstairs, you two can watch the T.V" She said, and went up stairs, I herd her light footsteps. Iris walked over and sat on my knee, and she had such a sweet scent. I looked out side, and the trees rusted in the light breeze.

"Alison, can you come up stairs for a sec, Iris you stay down honey" Iris slipped of my knee, her lips were red naturally. I frowned and went up stairs, I turned into my room. Had Michael called, and Anna picked it up? I cringed at the thought. She was in my bathroom; she had my pill in her hand.

"Are you going on the pill?" She spat out.

"No!" I snapped back.

"I've just got, got a bit of a headache that all" I said shrugging and taking it out of her hand.

"Oh, but I've never seen these" She said slyly.

"It's a new type, there from new York!" I said putting them in my bag. She blushed and nodded in apologie and smiled and she walked out. When I stormed in before I didn't noticed that Anna had put out a beautiful white dress with a brown belt and a cardigan. I rolled my eyes. She bought necklace and shoes to go with it. I go changed and bushed my teeth. I skipped down stairs; Iris was sitting on Anna's lap watching TV. I walked down peeking around the door, and sat down. Iris got up and sat on my lap. She didn't talk much, reminded me of me when I was younger. The day went quick, Chad came back and so did Harley. When we got to the posh restaurant there was a table reserved. I sat next to Iris she told me about what she does with her friends at school. I ordered a salad not felling very hungry, I nibbled bits of rocket not really tasting it. It was a quite evening, suddenly the restaurant went quite, a tall man, with jet black hair walked over, his olive skin tone blended in the lighting, I frowned, what the hell was going on. The slim man nodded at Harley and Harley got down on his knees. No! Pleases no.

"Anna Cleve, will you marry me?" He said down on his knees.

"Yes!" She squealed. I scraped my chair and stormed out, Iris flowed me, I went to the girls toilets. I took a deep breath and took my head fiercely trying to make this a dream. I wanted Michael. I grabbed my phone from my cardigan pocket, and scrolled down. It rang on the first bell. Michaels breathing was hard and uneven.

"What's happened?" He asked.

"It's not that guy, it's my mom she getting married to some guy I don't even know!" I said stamping my foot like a five year old. Iris looked at me with curious eyes, following every movement. It was silent for a minute.

"He could be a con artist for all I knew!" I said trying to bring the conversation back to life.

"Look I've got to go, I'll talk to you later" he hung up, I groaned, I felt a sharp pain which stabbed in my chest. Oh crap I hadn't taken my medication; I cringed, and buried my head in my hands. I felt Iris's warm arms around me; she was trying to comfort me.

"You go back to mummy and daddy" I said pushing her along. She nodded solemnly. I cleared my throat and wiped away my tears. I walked into the lightly lit restaurant. I could just tell them I felt sick, but I was a coward. I had to do this though, people stared straight through me I felt there eyes on my back. I walked to our table, all eyes focused on me. I sat down and mouthed sorry to my mom, she nodded and smiled.

"Right, are we ready to go?" she asked, getting her coat from the tall waiter from before.

"Yep, were all set!" Harley said smiled, kissing her hand. It seemed like Chad and Iris were put in a trance, they never seemed to act like normal kids. The drive home was silent. Once we got home I had a really bad headache. I went straight up stairs, and shut my door hard. I took my pills and lay down, I didn't bother getting dress I was to worn out. I wanted Michael here, or Hailey. There was a light knock on the door.

"Come in" I mumbled. It was Anna she looked worried, and scared.

"Are you okay?" She asked.

"No, I feel really sick and tried!" I mumbled into the cushion.

"Is this about me and Harley?" She asked folding her arms against her chest.

"No, just really ill" I mumbled back. I herd her light foot steps leave the room. I sighed and looked up at the ceiling. My phone rang; I reached and held the phone against my head. My eyes were half open.

"Hello?" I said into the speaker.

"Hi. Alison. I'm sorry about earlier but the person who following is back here, I think. His name's Christopher. But were not sure if he's near you or not he's trying to trick us, to get us confused, but I caught his scent here!" he rushed through his sentence.

"Okay, I love you and don't get your self in danger just for me, same for Hailey!" I mumbled, my eyes felt heavy and my body felt numb.

"I love you too; I've got to get going!"

"Bye" I hung up and yawned. I didn't bother pulling up my duvet. I just drifted to sleep.




The End

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