The doctor did his usual check up, but this time the nurse wasn't there. I'd told him that I'd going to my moms, he said just take the medication. I hadn't seen Michael since Monday, the week had flown by so fast, it was unbelievable. I hadn't seen Juliet but I had texted her but she hasn't texted back. I did the rest of my packing, taking all my shorts and t-shirts. I was glad it was spring break so that I didn't miss out to much on my education. My flight was at eight thirty, so I could go to school on Thursday. Hailey picked me up I called her telling her that I was well enough (I hope) to go to school. But I'm really worried about Michael, I had to much to take in, but this holiday would be good. I and my mom could join some art class, and we'd always get told of by the teacher. I had a late night packing, something was irritating me at night, I kept waking up. I woke up earlier then my alarm; I got changed and brushed my hair sleepily. I sat on the stair case and watched the clock. I really didn't want to eat, I had a nervous pain taking over my body, and whenever I'm nervous I always get pines, and get old. The clock ticked by. I heard a car pull up. I grabbed my bag and ran out, Hailey was out side. She had a beautiful white dress with a lose cardigan. I smiled as I got in, the music was lower then before, and her eyes were a shade darker. I didn't want to ask what was wrong. She looked up at her mirror and then pursed her lips together.

"So you're going to your moms tonight?" I nodded weakly.

"You know Michaels really worried about?" I nodded again, the same pathetic nod. She sighed and revved up the engine, the light purr became a roar. It made me jump. It was a silent drive to school. One we parked into our normal space Juliet was stood at the gates waiting for me. I got out of the scar, grabbing my bag. Hailey blissfully moved to my side, and lightly whispered in my ear. I nodded and walked up to Juliet. Hailey had said t meet her in the canteen. Juliet s hairs was let down to her shoulder. She had a pale blue dress; I was guessing it was dress season. I'm not much of a big fan for dresses and skirts. Her bright eyes shone, she always looked like she was about to cry, because of the light eyes. I smiled at her, she smiled back but it was missing something.

"Hi!" I said, trying to hide my confusion.

"Hi" She said back glumly.

"What wrong?" I asked walking over to her other side.

"I saw you with this guy and you didn't tell me!" She hissed and tried to push me away.

"That was just one of Alex's friends!" I said to her, but I could still tell that she didn't believe me.

"Most of Alex's friends come here and he wouldn't visit after a month has gone!" She snapped back.

"Okay, your right, but you can't tell anyone" I said not taking no for an answer.

"Were kind of going out now" I said.

"And you didn't tell me, what sort of a friend are you?" She was still annoyed.

"Look, no one knows, and he doesn't know that I'm telling you!" I said, grabbing her arm, so people were passing by, it was Amy and her gang. She hissed, I hissed back.

"Okay, but have you herd that rumour? Ollie going to ask you out in history" I groaned. Why me, why not Juliet she was the one who liked him.

"No, and I really didn't want to!" I moaned. We had history first thing. Juliet got my text and she didn't have enough money to call me back, at least that side of my life was okay. I sat in my normal place, next to Charles. Juliet was behind me, she kicked the back of my chair. The teacher came in, she had bleach blond hairs, and paper like skin. I was at the front of the class room, so the teacher could see every thing I was doing. She started to go on about Rome. We had to revise every thing because of test coming up and we weren't exactly rich, just well off. She started to go on about the paterfamilias, they were the leaders of the family, and they were strict. And when you were born the paterfamilias would see if your worthy of the family, and if your not you were left to die. It kind of reminded me of Hailey and Michael. When I was trying to pay attention Charles nudged me. I turned to see what he wanted, probably a pen. He passed me a note, it was folded neatly. I frowned and opened it. I knew it wasn't from Hailey she was in another class. The note said:

Hi, you want to go see a movie tonight? Ollie 

I moaned. The teacher had her back to us. I turned around and mouthed no. I really didn't want to hurt his feelings but that's what I'm well known for. His face went bright red, he nodded. Every ones eyes were on me, I blushed and got into writing. The day went quick. When we were walking to the parking lot Ollie was in front of me. I walked in front so that he could see me.

"Ollie, I'm really sorry, but you could ask Juliet?" I suggested. His face lit up, and then a smile came on his face.

"Yeah, I'll do that. Thanks Ali!" I walked of, I smiled at him reassuringly. I had a nervous tickle in my gut. I really didn't know what my mom had planned for me. Hailey walked up to me.

"So shall I take you straight to your house?" She asked, unlocking the door of the black stylish car. I nodded and threw my back at the back of the car. When Hailey saw me at the canteen, she wanted to tell me about Michael and how worried he was.  Really wanted to g and see my mom. I hadn't seen her in ages also she had a "surprise" nothing was making me not go. I would break he heart if I wasn't coming. Hailey had the music on in the car, she sang along, not even trying still sounding amazing. Once we got to my house, she kissed my cheek.

"Please stay safe!" She said.

"I'll try" I mumbled back to her.

"Bye" My voice trailed off. She drove off and got my house keys and unlocked the door. All my things were ready. I ran up stairs. I was grabbing all my things, I grabbed so clean cloths. There was a neat folded bit of paper on my bed. I walked over and picked it up. It was from Michael I could tell straight away. The paper was a cream colour and the writing was so neat.

Ali, please stay safe, takes your phone with you! Have a grate time, and please stay safe!  


I sighed, and tucked it into my back pocket. I had a quick shower, and dried my hair, it was a grate bundled of mess. I brushed through it again until it was completely flat. I herd a car pull up. I ran down stairs. It wasn't Billy, it was just someone reversing. I walked into the living room. I turned on the TV flipping through random channels. There was something called "I <3 Vampires" they made the vampires look like bad people; there was a scene when the girl tricks the boy and ends up sucking his blood. I turned the channel. I flipped to Mtv, but I wasn't really into music these days, to much baseline. Billy car pulled up, I saw from the window. I got up and turned the TV, the plan was to leave early, and I grabbed my bags, and pulled on my trainers. Billy unlocked the door, his face was pale.

"Hi. Come on then we better get a move on, traffics starting to gather up!" I grinned, really excitedly, and grabbed my bags. The journey to the airport was half an hour. I got my phone and scrolled down the contacts, until I got to his name. The phone rang but there was no answer. He must be hunting, his eyes were dark lately.

"Hi, I just want to let you know I'm at nearly at the airport, and please relax!" I left a message on his phone. Billy looked up whilst we were stopped at a traffic light.

"Who was that?" He asked curiously.

"Just Juliet she's worried that's all" I said, trying to smooth out any bumps. He nodded we were at the airport, I checked in, and all my bags were took. Billy kissed my on the forehead, it felt weird because Michael would normally kiss my forehead with his cool icy lips, but Billy were warm and soft.

"Now don't hassle your mom, and tell her I said hi, okay?" I hugged him tightly, but not that tight so that I would hurt me self. I had my medication in my toiletries bag.

"Yeah sure thing" I said back, grinning. I hugged him once more and went into the dark tunnel, it led to the plane. I had first class which was weird, I only found out when the young lady told me when I gave her my ticket. The journey was peaceful. I had to turn my phone off because of the sound waves. I hadn't eaten anything all day, I just had water, it felt too refreshing and for filling. There was a young boy, about my age, he winked at me. I felt like I might puke, he kept glancing in my direction. I felt his eyes on me the whole journey. Once we landing my ear were killing me, I'd always had a probable with airplanes. I had my bags, I didn't have much so the lady who took my bag said I could keep it in hand luggage so I was straight out. I stumbled getting out of the plane. My legs felt numb and weird. I walked down a small lit up alleyway, then there was a huge crowed, I looked every where, I frowned as I searched for Anna. I herd someone shout my name. My head snapped up, it was Anna; she had shorts on and a t-shirt that said DK. We couldn't afford that type of money. What had happened, had she hit the jackpot? I smiled she had her arm wide and ready for me to fall into them.

"Hi honey, I've missed you so much...." I didn't let her finish her sentence; her voice was filled with excitement.

"Where did you get all this Money from?" I asked, as I crossed my arms.

"That's part of the surprise, come one!" She tugged my along with my arm. I hated changes, every thing goes all wrong. People always say change is good, but I hate it. She still had her old truck, Lucy. I smiled as I sat into the front seat.

"Wow, look at your a lady" Anna said flicking my hair up.

"Mom, have you ever her of growing up? Well it's happened to me" I said sarcastically. She squeezed me tightly. The sun was setting. We were going from a completely different route; it was right at the other side of the city.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Part of the surprise" She said cheerfully. I groaned. I was guessing Billy hadn't told her about the cancer thing. I smiled. We turned into a small group of houses; they looked really posh and expensive. We stopped at a huge white house. She pulled in.

"What do you think then?" My jaw dropped.

"What?" My voice went an octave higher.

"How?" I asked.

"I've got a boyfriend, Harley and well we are living together, he's got two children there so sweet! What a lovely change" She said, I tried pulling on a smile, but it didn't really work. I wish that things could stay the same, just me and my mom, no change!

The End

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