I sheepishly smiled, not really trying. I nurse looked more nervous then me, I was the one with cancer here. The doctor murmured something, so quite that I could make out, the nurse nodded in response. I looked at them confused, then swiftly walked towards them. I put on my best grin, to make it look like every think was okay, and I could live, with out an operation.

"Hi" I said. The doctor nodded, and smiled. The nurse was stood behind him, like the doctor was her shield.

"Right, we just need to do a few blood test"- I cringed, when I herd the word-"and then just a normal check up" The doctor wasn't as nervous as he was before. He seemed more confident. I walked more forwards so that mine and Billy's shoulders touched together.

"Right, you can get on with that and I'm goanna watch the game" He said smugly, because he knew I couldn't get out of this. I gave him a venomous look.

"You can go into the kitchen" Billy called form the living room.

"Okay" I called. I lead the way, I'm glad I got changed.

"Right, were going to do a blood test first" I moaned, I pulled up jumper up. I really needed Michael here. I felt cool hands touch my arm, I shut my eyes tightly. I felt a light prick, and a sudden gush of pine, but after a second it went. I opened my eyes, and the pain was gone. The nervous nurse came around and put a plaster. She smiled. I smiled back, not really paying attention just wanting to go see Michael or at least Hailey.

"Have you had any pains recently?" The doctor asked, with a large notepad. I nodded shyly.

"Um... Well yesterday" I murmured. The doctor started scribbling things down, his eyebrows mashed up together. The nurse bit her lip nervously, and fiddled with her name tag.

"Well I've been in contact with your school, and I've summed it all up, and you can have your operation in about two to three weeks. You see we want to get this call done so that it doesn't get worse, and then a month after that you might need another on depending on the first one." He said, wiping his forehead. The nurse looked up, she had bright green eyes, filled with worry. Was she worried for me?

"We will be seeing you on Wednesday?" I nodded. Billy got up, and he nodded to the doctor murmured something again. Billy nodded, with an edge of hope in his eyes. As soon as the doctors were gone I headed straight up stairs. The window was opened in my room, I could tell as soon as I got to the top of the creaky stair case. I gingerly walked into the room, watching each step. Michael was slyly leaning against the window frame.

"Have you ever thought about knocking?" I asked sarcastically, rolling my eyes. My hair was damp, the cold swerved around my skinny neck. He smiled gingerly; I could see his teeth shine.

"Can I ask you something?" I asked walking towards my bed, which was opposite the window where Michael was lingering around.

"Go ahead" He said freely.

"How old are you?" I asked curiously. He laughed darkly to him self, i frowned.

"Sixteen, although I do look older!" he said, I had to agree with him on that, his cheek bones were more firm, and his body was muscular.

"But technically I'm about one hundred and thirteen!" He said, taking in my expression. My jaw dropped down, and my eyes widened. He frowned.

"What?" I asked stunned.

"But, but you look sixteen" I protested, whilst I was getting older by the second he was frozen in time. He still looked confused.

"And, your point is?" He asked gingerly. I gave him a sour look.

"You're sixteen and I'm going to be seventeen in a few months" I moaned.

"So? We will still be together!" He said.

"Yeah, I'll be an old grandma, and I don't think they make coffins for two, besides you'd get bored in there unless you wand to take a DVD player!" I shouted back at him, but so that loud so Billy didn't think I'd gone loopy. Michael laughed darkly to him self.

"No, I'll.........." I couldn't finish is sentence, his face went blank, like he had left his body and no one was there. My mobile rang, I was kind of glad it rang. I walked to the side tabled where my phone was vibrating. I flipped in open.

"Hi mom" I said into the speaker. Michael was still where he was, as still as rock. 

"Hey hun! I was talking to your dad a few days ago and he's told me every thing, I was wandering if you'd like to come down for a while, and I've go a surprise for you, so what do you think" I bit my lip, then turned back to Michael, his eye were focused on the floor.

"Yeah sure thing. What about the tickets?" I asked fiddling with my hair.

"Don't worry; I'll pay for those a soon as possible, do you want to come down in about a few days?"

W-what, mom your broke, how did you get that money? How can you book my flight that quick?" I asked.

"That's part of the surprise" She said, cheerfully.

"Okay, then sure thing!" I said into the speaker, looking up now and then. 

"So on Thursday?

"Yeah, I guess that's the plan" How could she get it planned out so fast.

"Okay then bye, love you hun!" My mom said

"Love you" I murmured. I hung up, I took a deep breath. At least some of us were enjoying their life, and having normal problems.

"Back to the conversation" I said turning to Michael. He was still, like before.

"You can't go" He hissed. There was a roaring sound from his chest.

"What? Why?" I asked, wanting straight answers.

"You can't I won't be able to protect you!" He hissed.

"It's just my mom! What's wrong with you Michael?" I asked.

"This other vampire, my brother, but I wouldn't class him as that. He's spying on you for the people, who own us, and he's planning to take you to them, he has a special power, he can wipe people's memories, and once he's got the information that he needs, he can show other people the memory you're missing!" My jaw dropped, fire was burning behind his words. I sat on the floor and crossed my legs. I buried my head in my legs.

"No! He can't can he, you're the biggest thing in my life how could he take that from me?" I moaned, pushing back the tears.

"What? You're not worried about your life? You're worried about not remembering me?" He asked shocked.

"Yes!" I said through my teeth. He laughed, but I didn't have that same harmonic tune.

"Just get some sleep, your ill!" He said, walking up to the window. I nodded. After Michael had left, I went down stairs; Billy was glued to the screen.

"Dad, did you know I'm going over to moms on Thursday?" I asked, taking my pills down in one gulp.

"Yeah, she told me she wanted to tell you!"

"Okay then, I might as well get some packing done!" I said, as I walked up the creaky stairs. The rest of the day was fairly quite, and normal. How could Michael think he was unimportant in my life? He was one of the mine parts I was enjoying my life every now and then. The day had flown by, I'd be going to see my mom on Thursday, just what I needed, I hope.

The End

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