I and Hailey didn't talk, whilst we waited for Michael. What was taking him so long; he'd been gone half an hour. I wondered in and out trees and tripped up quite a lot. The trees stared rustling in the wind. I could see Michael walking towards us. Hailey had her eyes shut tight; she was sat on a small tree trunk. His face was hard. His lips were crushed together. I walked up to him, as I did this Hailey got up to.

"What's happened?" She asked, worried, I looked at both of them.

"I'll tell you later Hailey!" He said, he got hold of my wrist and lead me through the forest.

"You stay here, I'll take Alison" he said. As we walked through the enchanting forest, moments of wordless communication passes between us. I hadn't noticed where we were going until I saw the parking lot in the far distance. There was a gust of wind, twisting my hair around. Michael went to the black phenomenon black car. I got into the car. My mind was filled with to many questions, buzzing around like bees, or wasps, once one had stung it would come back later with another one where as a bee would die after one sting. I had a vague idea of what these "owners" would be like; they would be pernicious, and deprived. We were around the corner to my house. Michael stopped in front, and turned to me. He had a solemn look on his face; I wanted this all to go away, I couldn't just sail around it. I felt a pine in my chest. I cringed; I pulled my knees up to my chest. I wrapped my arms around my self. 

"NO!" I screamed. Michael put his cold icy arms around me.

"What's what's wrong?" He asked, worried a confused, I guess I confused him a lot.

"I don't"- I took a deep breath- "Know" I said cringing away from his colds icy arm.

"What... what shall I do?" He said worriedly.

"Just go!" I screamed. I pain was soothing down, it was like a forest fire, it carefully went down but the damage was left. I felt tears roll down my bright red cheeks, I didn't bother wiping it away, and then lodes started rolling down. I herd Michael mummer something into the speaker of his phone.

"I've got to go!" I said. I scurried out, fiddling with the handle. Michael grabbed hold of my arm, I tried to pull away. I could see worry and fear burning behind Michael's eyes. I looked out, the clouds started to gather forming into night.

"I've got to go" I whispered. I tears felt acidic against my skin. He let go, and reached up so that he could kiss my forehead. I wind blew my hair. I ran inside, feeling Michael's eyes follow my back. I didn't look behind; I unlocked the door, and leaned against the door when I got inside. I wiped my tears away, with the back of my sleeve. I sluggishly trailed into the kitchen; there was ready made soup in the back of the cupboard. I put it in the microwave, and waited, I looked out, the sun was setting, and it wasn't much of an image with out Michael. I didn't taste the soup. I only finished half of it. I decided an early night would be best, I ran up stairs, and chucked my shoes to the other side of the room. The window was open, I silver moon light, reflected against, the mail box. The trees rustled around, as the wind picked up. I saw someone standing on one of the tree branch, but I was really tired it was probably my mind going loopy, as usual. Sometimes it felt like a little kid was controlling us, and this world wasn't real. As if she was controlling us and she would make up cry, or go to school. Sometimes it felt like that when I was around Hailey and Michael. I walked over to my bed, and then walked over to my draw. There was a box there, beautifully craved with mesmerizing patterns. Juliet bought it from Kenya, when she went. I opened it, and inside it was scrunched up bits of paper, and some perfume.  I picked up the crumpled bits of paper. My finger traced the words one by one. I felt one single tear roll down my cheek. It dropped onto the paper, with my finger tip I wiped it away. I lade my head on my pillow, and drifted to sleep.

I head a massive headache when I got up; it was like someone had put an injection in my head. My stomach turned, and my head was spinning, I ran towards the bathroom. Once I'd ruined the bathroom again, I went down stairs.

"I'll ring the school" Billy called from the kitchen. I walked in and gave him weak thumbs up. I still had my hooded jumper on, it was cover in vomit. I walked in and got a drink of water. I ran straight put stairs; it felt like a do nothing day. I lay on my bed, looking at the plain white walls. I looked over, and grabbed my guitar. I hadn't played it in months, I played the first string, and then it all started to rush in. I used to wrote my own songs and sing, but I didn't tell anyone accept Alex and Juliet. Of course my parents knew, but Michael didn't. I frowned. I looked under my bed, and found my 'big box' it was filled with old notepads and year books. I lifted all the years' books up and found a booklet; I looked inside, and found a new world of music. I flipped through the tattered book, and played the first cord. Once I stated I couldn't stop, the music was talking over me it was so amazing. I sang along, at first I sang out of tune, but then my voice cleared through. I had the most blissful morning, not worries. I herd a knock, it was a light tapping sound which filled the room, the last cords faded out, and the tapping took.

"Can I come in?" A familiar voice asked. I walked over to the window and Michael gabbing onto the frame of the window. He took a huge leap, I moved out of the way, as if it was normal.

"Sorry about yesterday!" I mumbled. He came toward me with his arm open, I ran straight into then, taking is his sweet scent, it was as if I hadn't see him in years.

"Its okay" He whispered into my hair. I looked up to see his eyes, they had doubt and worry in them, or was it just me making stuff up as usual. I parted away from him and sat on my bed, it made a creaking sound, and then Michael followed my, he saw the booklet, that was lade neatly on my bead, with my guitar. He flipped through the first few pages, and then stopped half way though, he muttered to him self. Once he was finished, he looked at me, then the guitar then the booklet.

"You play guitar?" He asked, not shocked or angry that I hadn't told him. I thought he would of worked it our by now because he'd been in and out of my room so much he must have gotten curious. I nodded innocently. He smiled gingerly.

"What?" I asked, eying him very carefully.

"So that was you playing and singing was it?" He asked playfully. I blushed, and nodded again.

"Can I hear you play?" He asked. I really didn't, I felt like I was going to be sick again.

"No!" I managed to spit out; he walked over to the window.

"No! Please don't go" I said. I got up.

"Can we get out of here?" I asked, grabbing my clean cloths, I still hadn't gotten changed.

"NO!" I could hear a roaring sound coming from his chest. I flinched away. I had to admit I was scared, not because he was a vampire, just because I didn't want anything interfering in our relationship.

"Why?" I asked, trying to sound normal. He and Hailey were hiding something, they were lying but why. What was there to lie about?

"You're hiding something I said stubbornly.

"Yes! But only for the sake of your safely. There was a sudden gust of wind; it was like someone had slapped me, to wake me up. There was a knock on the door.

"Yes?" I said shakily.

"The docs coming around in about one hour" Billy asked, trying to keep his voice adult like. I moaned and nodded, knowing that I'm not going to get out of it this time. I'd already made Billy cancel two appointments. He walked out of the room, I could hear his foots steps as he hesitated on the staircase, and then went downstairs; I herd the TV as he switched it on. Michael came in through the window.

"That's where you went?" I asked. He nodded, I could tell he was hiding a lot of stuff, or lying. What was it with people lying (vampires in my case).

"I think I should go, you stink and get changed" He walked towards the window, and turned back. He walked towards me, his icy lips touched my forehead, and my forehead must have been hot for him. He took a leap and leaped out the window. I herd a light thud sound, and then the rustling of trees. I solemnly walked over to the window, taking my time. I shut the window tight. Michael must have been worried about yesterday with the 'shadow'. Who and what was it? What did it want? I had a quick shower and got changed. My breath stank and I knew it, I brushed furiously. I walked down stairs, and a car pulled up. Billy was sat watching TV. He leaned over and grabbed the remote; he stumbled out of the couch and walked toward the door. I gave him a worried look. I tried not thinking about this I just had my mind fixed on Michael. I still hadn't given up on the idea becoming a vampire, but it was impossible, how could I free some vampires, and not get caught. I really wanted to become what he was, life would be much simpler. There was a knock on the door, my thought clouds drifted away. I had and old white top on with jeans and a woolly jumper. I had to admit I didn't like getting dressed up, I think what ever you are comfortable in you should wear. Billy walked up to the door, and opened it gingerly. The doctor was there with a nurse. I frowned, definitely knowing that I'm not going to get out of this, I cringed of the thought. I pulled on a smile and walked forwards. I saw that in the nurse's hand there was a green box. I hoped that there were no needles. Other wise there was going be an argument. I wish Michael were here, only if I knew what, or who was bothering him, and why I matter to him so much?

The End

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