The morning was fairly slow, I wasn't really hungry when I was around Michael, it was as if the whole universe revolved around him in a good way.  Hailey picked me up again with the radio on full blast, she kept glancing at me to make sure, I hadn't fallen asleep.  There were dark rings around my eyes. I only had a couple of hours of sleep. I was mostly worrying about Juliet, me and Juliet had been friends since kinder garden. Once we were parted, I and went to live with my mom, she always came evey holiday. I really couldn't stand to hurt her any more. What was I supposed to tell her, "I'm with the vampires now!" I couldn't stand to see her fall apart.

"Just tell her!" Hailey hissed, when I got my seat in science. It was chilly outside. I pulled my hoody down, it was quite special,  it was from when I went to England with my mom.

"I can't!" I snapped back. There were voices murmuring behind me, making me self conscious.

"Alison! Would you like to hand out the books?" A familiar voice asked. It was Mr. Graves. I groaned. I got out of my seat knowing that I was blushing, big time.

"I need someone else  ...Um! Juliet" He grinned at her, she scowled at me. I could be stubborn but not mean. I handed out the books not really caring and looking at other people. Ollie, my old lab partner was there; at least I had one proper friend. I could see Juliet walking to him to, but she didn't notice me. I walked up to Ollie seconds before her.

"Here Ollie" I said. She walked pasted me, ignoring me, I knew she had a massive crush on Ollie and she'd take any chance to talk to him.

"I'll tell you every thing meet me at the back of the gates" I muttered. She nodded, but she still had an acid touch to her pale face.

I didn't really pay attention in science. Michael could help me catch up he was good at every thing. Once the bell rang, I walked out straight away, not waiting for Hailey. I waited behind the gates. I could see a light shadow, but I didn't bother investigating. Juliet was around the corner.

"What do you want?" She hissed, she looked around to see what I was looking at.

"I'm going to tell you the truth!" I said back calmly, trying not to make it worse

"What, you hate me and you decided to go and hand out with that freak Hailey!" She snapped back. Hailey was loved by everyone, boys always ask her out, at least once a week.

"Hailey is not a freak!, she's helping me" I shouted, I felt a huge tear roll down my cheek, not really caring, mood swings must have been on of the side affects. I wasn't much of an expert.

"Helping you become a slag, like her?" She snapped back. I felt like screaming, and running out of the school. But then I realised that the shadow I'd seen earlier was probably Michael, Crap he's going to be on my case when he sees me. We weren't talking for a while, she just scowled at me.

"NO! I've got cancer and she helping me" I shouted. Juliet froze, and shook her head in regret.

"No, no, NO!" she screamed.                                                                          

"Juliet that's why I couldn't tell you, you can't tell anyone, Hailey only found out because she....she found me crying" I had to think fast.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I'm been such a crap friend!" She looked worried, and confused. She bit her lips.

"No, its not you, I should have told you" I mumbled wiping my tears away. She hugged my tightly, it felt weird, because I normally hugged cold vampires. I shivered.

"I've got to go; I went home because I was ill okay?" I mumbled, walking towards the large field where I had seen the shadow.

"Okay then, but don't go ahead on a suicide mission!" She said. I gave her a sharp smile and walked on. The wind started to picked up. Once I go to the forest, the trees swayed in the whistling wind. Michael was there, the wind twisted his hair, and His face was fierce, filled with rage and anger.

"Sorry!" I said, walking up to him, even though I didn't know why I was sorry.

"It's not you" He said trough his teeth.

"What is it?" I said, I could feel a not in my throat.

"Just stay here!" he said, his eyes were dark, almost black. He stormed past me. What had I done now? I saw him walk past Juliet, and some other girls, they looked like fools, but then again I bet I do that quite a lot. His perfect face was dead, like someone had shot him. He walked past the corner. I couldn't see him now. I leaned against a tree. I got out my phone, I scrolled down the contacts. I searched for Hailey's number. On the first bell she picked up.

"Hello, where are you Alison Cilffwood!?" She asked worried.

"Well, I was with Michael, but then he suddenly stormed off and told me to wait here, in the forest, he went toward the school" I said, it felt like someone was watching me.

"Right, I'll be with you" She hung up. It would take her ages; we had English now, right at the other side of the school. I wandered, in between trees, The long roots, were buried into the ground.

"Ali, Alison?" a sweet voice called. I sighed in relief.

"Hailey" I said, and sighed again.

"That was fast!" I said

"Vampire" She said, pointing at her self. I gave her a weak smile.

"So what's with Michael?" I asked. Her cheery face had gone, it wad dead like Michaels.

"Well you know, were "owned" by other vampires, well they've sent someone to see why Michaels always out, and always having a human sent to him. And he was spying on you, trying to find out who you are" She said, biting her lip.

"The shadow" I murmured to myself.

"What shadow? What are you talking about?" Hailey asked.

"When I was talking to Juliet, I saw a shadow, but then it went, and then I saw Michael" I muttered. I was always slow when it came to working thing out but I was pretty sure this was a bad thing, a very bad thing.

The End

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