The Past


My head felt heavy on my neck, the clouds were a pearl grey. I moaned, not wanting to wake up. My head was facing my ancient guitar. I felt a cool breeze dancing on my neck, I turned around and Michael was sat at the edge of the bed. He made me jump; outside I could her light purr of a car.

"How long was I knocked out for" I asked trying to get up.

"About ten to twelve hours, but you did wake up once or twice" He said smugly. I groaned.

"What time is it?"

"Seven thirty"

"Crap" I moaned, I managed to get out of my decrepit bed. I grabbed my bag of toiletries and my clean cloths. I had a shower, the water was warm, it always sent shiver down my spine. I got changed into my check shirt and my old jeans. I took a quick glance, my hair was smooth, and my eyes were a light bluish colour almost grey. I threw my old cloths into the basket and ran out. Michael was waiting down stairs, with my rain coat in one hand, I grabbed it and grabbed my converses and put them on. I sat on the kitchen table.

"Aren't you going to have breakfast?" I rolled my eyes and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl.

"Happy" I said sarcastically, then sighed. I ran out into the cold wet day. My backpack was in my left hand and my apple in the other. The car purring before was Hailey, she was waiting, with the music on full blast. I wondered weather her and Michael had sorted thing out. Michael was behind me, he put his arm around my waist, the kissed my lips, he was so enthusiastic, I wanted to stand there all day when his lips parted mine, he has a dark smile on him face, I gave him a confused look. I got into the car, Hailey rolled her eyes.

"Ali, do you know how I got turned into a.....Vampire?" She asked.  I nodded; I nibbled my apple bit by bit not really tasting it.

"There was a mad guy and he turned you and Michael into an immortal" I said, trying to avoid the word. She laughed under her breath.

"Well that's part of the story, you see I had cancer like you, and I was terrified like you, and I didn't know what to do, I was walking down a dark ally way, because I'd just found out that I had cancer and I was so young"- She nodded her head sympathetically-"I met this mysterious man and he asked my what's wrong, I said just stuff at home. But then he said he knew that I had cancer and he could help me, also he said he was a vampire I got freaked out and then..."- She looked like she was about to cry, but could vampires cry? - I found myself in a dark room, and my throat was burning and my head my spinning, there were lots of wooden beds there and my sight was as clear as fire. I then I met Michael and he didn't want to become a "monster" so me and him ran away, the guy who created us both ran away and left us" I nodded, trying to take this all in, I pulled on a poker face.

"Wow, he missed all that out"

"Hey, I haven't finished, then we got found and now were like owned horses, we can't do any thing, we have tried to run away but it didn't work" She rolled her eyes, but behind her word fear was burning. Once we got to school, my head was still filled with questions. We had gym class again, I had it first thing. There was a chilly breeze. I walked myself to gym, we had rugby, it was the same as football I didn't get the point of it. I didn't hurry on getting changed. I carried my weight to gym, I really hated rugby, and getting muddy, the worst thing was that it was outside. All the girls we holding each others hands and talking amongst them selves. We had to run into these big yellow things, it looked exactly like what Billy would watch on the TV. when it was my go, I wasn't looking forwards to it at all.

When I got back I was drenched in mud, head to toe. Luckily I had my hat on and my hair wasn't muddy, but my hat was. English flew by, and we had science. I sat at my desk. Haley skipped over to me.

"Hello" she said the smiled, like the first time she'd seen me. I smiled back at he weakly. We didn't talk for half the lesson, mostly because Mr Graves was watching me and Hailey with a keen eye. I thought about Hailey's past, she was just like me, and the worst thing was that she got tricked into becoming what she was, but I have the choice.

"Are you taking me home again?" I asked, the teacher had his back on us, he was writing bout the different parts of a plant cell. I scribbled down the words, cell membrane and cell wall, surly Michael or Hailey could give me a hand in biology, because they seemed to be good at everything. I herd someone whispering behind me, I automatically turned around and saw that it was Juliet, I totally forgot about here since Michael entered my life, I'd hadn't spoken to her in a while, and I normally called her over. She scowled at me; I felt like running out of the room, I'd been such a crap friend to her. It looked like she was about to cry to I could see it in her blue eyes.

"Sorry" I mouthed. She looked down ignoring me and there was tear drop on her page.

The End

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