The rest of the day was slow, having Hailey being there once every lesson had finished was reassuring. Gym was a nightmare, I can't run, catch, throw or kick, and Juliet says I run like chicken but I can't blame her. The day had finished so quickly, I hurried to the parking lot looking down the whole time, I really didn't want anyone to know about me and Michael. There was a light drizzle, Hailey was leaning beside her car, it was black, and the rain drops hovered over the roof top making it look like there were thousands of tiny little diamond's embedded on the roof top of the flash car. I opened the door carefully wanting to see Michael as soon as possible.

"Ali" A familiar voice called out my name, I turned around instantly, It was Juliet.

"Hey, how come...." She muttered out of breath from running across the lot.

"Complications, I'll see you tomorrow" I said getting into the car, Hailey was already in, the exhaust was on. I sighed.

"Bye then" She walked over to her car; I could see that behind her sky blue eyes, she was annoyed. Once I'd eventually got into the car, the cold black leather seats sent an shiver down my back, that always happened to me, either when I'm nervous our cold. I grumpily looked out of the window. The car wasn't moving, I could feel Hailey's eyes on my back. I turned around, Hailey's violate eyes, were now a deep midnight colour.

"What's the matter?" She asked, I could tell she was annoyed. I didn't know myself why I was annoyed, I just didn't feel right, then I remembered I had cancer, I'd completely forgotten with Michael being around so much, he made all my fears go away. I could feel tears fighting to come out but I just pushed them back in.

"Did Michael tell you why I wanted to become one of you?" I didn't have the urge to say 'vampire'. She nodded.

"Yeah, because you never fit in" She said confused, my eye brows narrowed. I laughed darkly to my self.

"I've got cancer" I squeaked. My eyes met her midnight eyes; I could feel them burning a hole in my brain. She looked out of her window; she murmured something to herself, to fast for me to make out.

"Why? What?! Why didn't he tell me" She muttered biting her lip. She revved the engine.

"Where are we going" She was driving so fast, my back stared to hurt.

"Going to see my so called brother" Now her angelic face had turned into a fierce vampire, she gritted her teeth together and scowled as she droved.

"C-r-a-p" I mumbled under my breath. We drove past my house, she parked up at the curb near my house, there was a finite path leading to the forest. Hailey had fury in her eyes; she grabbed my hand, and led me through the magical forest. It was like walls of green. She lead me though an unfamiliar route. But then I see a light, and I could hear the gentle flow of the river. She was taking me to the park. Once we (I) stumbled thought the think wall the green, I could see Michael, he was sitting at the edge of the river.

"How could you?!" was all Hailey could spit out. She still had a tight grip of my wrist; my I frowned, because the sun was in my eyes.

"I couldn't, she has an even chance of living" Was all he could say, he had that same fear in his eyes that he had the day before.

"But she wants to, she's dieing she terrified"

"NO! She has a chance of living and I'm not taking it away from her" He shouted in Hailey's face. There was a moment of silence; this was all my fault a brother and sister having a fight over me.

"And how do you think the others will take it?!" Hailey was silent, her grip loosened on my wrist. Michael glanced at me then Hailey.

"She dieing" there was a little squeak from Hailey, I knew perfectly well who and what they were on about, I could feel tears swell up in my eyes, I tried to push them back but it was no use. One huge tear rolled down my cheek.

"I c-c-can't put you in danger" Was all I could spit out. Instantly Hailey was at my side, she rubbed my arms, trying to comfort me; she rubbed her hand against my arm, trying to warm me with the friction. I felt like screaming but that wouldn't help.

"It's okay, just relax and deep breaths"-I felt dizziness take over me, my head was spinning nothing made sense now-"um....Put you head between your knees" Hailey said urgently. I tried to rebel against it, because when I did put my head between my knees it made me even more dizzy. My eye lids felt heavy, and sleep engulfed me before I could fight it off.

The End

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