He eyes were deep with fear, his warm eyes had now disappeared they were now the colour of coal.

"What is it?" I asked, confused what I said this time. He looked at me he put his cold hands against my cheeks which were burning by the second.

"When you said 'who stopping you? Well there one thing I haven't been straight about my "family", I'm owned by someone, I can't be freed" He said whispered, his eyes were cold and hard, my heart beat was uneven and fast.

"What do you mean? No! This can't be true" I said to my self. The lake was flowing slowly.

"They don't know about you, I can't run away, so I can't turn you into a vampire because I'd have to keep an eye on you all day and they will get...." I knew he was as scared as I was.

"So if you run away, what will happen to y-y-you?" I stuttered.

"Sentenced to death" He said, my eyes widened in shock, they couldn't do that could they. I couldn't put him in danger but I was dieing.

"They have a tracker he will follow my sent, I'm really sorry" He said, just wanted to run away from this, I felt like screaming and running away from all this horror. One way or another my life had to find some complications.

"Don't you have anyone who will listen to you" I said, hoping for a positive answer. He didn't answer, Michael looked out at the lake, I stared at him analyzing his beauty.

"Yes, but that won't be of much help, it's my sister, she younger then me and also in a lot of danger" He murmured, I truly wanted to help but what could I do I was a weak defenceless human, I would just lower them into more trouble. The sun started to set, my head fitting perfectly into his shoulder. My brain was really slow, I took the time to think it though- Michael was a vampire who can't run away because he was a slave, and he had a sister. I sighed knowing this was getting me no where.

"What's your sister called?" I asked as we walked through the forest, the forest was like walls of green, I could smell a strong sent of moss, and lavender.

"Hailey Menetre, why?"  He replied looking down. I stopped and crossed my arms across my chest.

"I know her, she's in my biology class, but how come she looks nothing like you?" I said whispered as we carried on walking, I took hold of his hand again, he didn't answer my question.

It was Monday, the worst day I got dressed and went down stairs. Billy was gone out and I was left alone. I didn't want to eat breakfast so I headed for the door, on the way out I grabbed my car keys. They rattled with my movement in my skinny fingers. There was light drizzle, I liked drizzles because you don't really get wet and sometimes it can be sunny to. I was the first on at school the parking lot, it was mostly empty, I felt my stomach turn and the rest of the cars pulled in one by one, most students had red flashy sports car but I had a simple Nissan, which very reliable to me. I scurried to biology I could see my best friend Juliet waving to me, like she'd never seen me before.

"Hey" She said, her bright blue eyes flashed with excitement, she was one of the most erratic people I'd ever known, I gave her a sheepish smile back, feeling guilty for not being a here for her. Once she went off and got a car without telling any one.  She was dressed in colourful bight cloths, and her sandy blond hair was in a messy bun with a plat at the side. Once I got into the class it was sprawling with lamps and microscopes. I sat in my place sighing waiting to get home to see Michaels face.  I Looked out into the forest, I could see and dark figure moving, I frowned and looked harder into the detail. I turned my head and jumped. Hailey had a grin on her face, she flashed her white teeth, and my lab partner Ollie was sat with Miles and Charles. Her beautiful violate eyes matched her dark read hair, she was the most beautiful person, well vampire I'd ever seen (Except for Michael) my jaw dropped down. She held out her cold icy hand to shake mine. I trembled reaching for her hand and finely got there, the coldness made a shiver rolled down my spine. I smiled weekly and she grinned a brilliant eligant smile at me again. We didn't talk at first but once Mr, Grave got into explaining about cells Hailey turned my way.

"Hi, Michael probably told you about me" She seemed so happy and bubbly; I didn't want to got ahead and burst her bubbled. She acted like we'd known each other since we were five. I nodded; I looked down at the table pretending to look at the slides from the microscope.

"So, he's told me lodes about you and by the way I'm dropping you off home" She grinned flashing her white teeth. I gave her a week smile, and turned away.

The End

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