It was a long afternoon; my cheeks were a blood red after kissing Michael. I guess this made us a "Couple" The word sent a shiver rolling down my back.

"What would you do if I was dieing right in front of you?" I asked, my head was on his lap, his eyes were hypnotic, they were a warm colour which made me grin automatically, knowing that he was real. He hesitated and looked into my eyes, when he did that it felt like he was burning a whole through my mind.

"Well, I would try and save you life and if not then I'll put my venom in your system, simple as and I'm not letting you throw your life away like that" He said smugly. I rolled my eyes.

"Your getting that operation, and if it doesn't work, which it will then I'll change you" He said, he gently lifted my head and got hold of my hand.

"Come on Billy will be worrying about you" He said.

Once we got to my front lawn, he kissed my forehead and went into the woods. When I got inside Billy was in the kitchen.

"Hey dad, I need to borrow the laptop" I said looking for a glass in the cupboards. Once I found one I filled it up to the brim and had a thoughtful sip.

"Yep sure, why are you in such a good mood?" He looked up from his news paper.

"Um.....I was hanging out with a friend and I had a good time" It was all I could think up on the spot. I went into the living room where the laptop was. I ran up stairs and shut the door tight. I didn't know much about cancer; I went on Wikiapedia and searched it. As I scrolled down the page filled with information, my eyes widened at the horror all I knew was that you get an operation (I day dream a lot in biology). My lower jaw fell open. All the side affects caught my attention. The hair losing, the operations. I huge tear rolled down my cheek.

I cried myself asleep, the laptop was still running. My eyes felt saw and heavy, my phone was on my bed side table, I reached out for it, and my weak feeble fingers grabbed hold of my phone. I looked at the time, it was late morning. I groaned, knowing I was going to have to face the day some time. I got out of bed, and headed straight down stairs, luckily it wasn't a weekday, and the week had flown by so fast. I didn't go at all this week, the school was shut because of Alex. Billy went out to his friends house, so it was just me. I sighed as I walked down the stairs, my head was filled with so many thoughts at once it felt like I was going to have a breakdown. There was a sudden knock on the door. I walked towards the door, having no clue about which it was, my eyebrows narrowed as I walked towards the door. It was him. I moved out of the way as he came in as if it was his own house. He saw the fear in my eyes, in a flash second; his cold, hard arms were around my waist. My face was buried into his chest, the scent was so sweet.

"What... what's happened" He said, he frowned as he wiped the sudden outburst of tears away.

"I...I didn't know the outcome of cancer, I did a little research......a-a-and-" I couldn't finish my sentence but I had a feeling Michael knew perfectly well what I was on about. He eyes looked sorry, I took a deep breath knowing I couldn't cry all day, or could I. I felt a gust of breeze hit my face. Michael was in front of me with a glass of water in his perfectly smooth, cold hands. He gently moved me to the sofa, I sat down and as I moved so did Michael. 

"I can't do that, I won't be able to control you, all you'll want is blood and you'll go on a rampage, I've seen it once and I'm not prepared to see it again" He said acidly. He came closer to me.

"I love you, and I'm not letting you give up your life yet" He whispered into my hair, I could see the pain in his eyes. His cool breath against my neck sent a shiver down my back, but for some reason the shiver was reassuring. The rest of the day went slowly. We agreed to go to the park. I got changed and put my old jeans on and my hooded jumper. We walked in silence to the beautiful park. We sat on the green grass and looked out to the clear lake. The first thing that came into my mind was vampire, but I wanted to circumnavigate around him.

"How did you turn into a vampire?" I said, my finger were twisted into his. He looked me in the I, his playful tone went, and his face was emotionless.

"I don't no" He said under his breath. I could just about make out what he was saying. I could see that he had fear and worry behind his mesmerizing eyes. He took at deep breath.

"All I know is that he was some crazy vampire on the lose turning innocent people into vampires, he wanted to wipe out the human race so he thought that if he made and army of us then he could end the human race, but I've always been erratic and ran away" He laughed to him self. I looked at him feeling sorry for him. The day passed quickly to quick for me.

"Turn me into a vampire" I whispered, as the sun was going down.

"I want to be with you for ever because I love you, and I don't want to lose you" I whispered. He didn't answer; his eyes were filled with confusion, concentrate. By this time I was really irritated, and annoyed I wanted to be with his forever and I would never leave his side.

"I want to, but I can't" I could tell that's he was irritated to as well as me.

"Who's stopping you?" I asked confused, looking at his beautiful angle like face for answers.

The End

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