Once I got over the really big shock me and Michael went to where we first properly met. When we got there the sun was shining, Michaels hair shone a beautiful bronze colour.

"Why me" I said when we sat down on our bench. Michael sat at the far end, put my head on his lap and stretched my legs.

"It just happened I guess" he said blankly, I lifted my head up to see his face properly; he had a poker face still. His eyes were a light hazel brown colour. I sighed and put my head back on his knee.

"What if I was dieing what would you do?" I said looking into the sun, normally it was very rainy but now a days its sunny.

"I don't know!" He said stiffly. I got up and sat in his position why was he so upset, I could go get an operation or something, and it wasn't that bad.

"Look Michael it's not that bad I can get a......a......Operation" I managed to spit out. He never answered my question.

We spent the whole day enjoying the sunlight. When it was getting dark I laded my head on his arm. It was rock hard but soothing at the same time, the coolness of his body sent frenzy through me. My eye lids felt heavy. I pretended to go asleep, wanting to know what Michael would do. He bent over and kissed my forehead. I didn't want him to let go of me I wanted to have him forever.

When I woke up the sun was in my eyes. I got my hand and put it over my eyes I could see someone looking at my face deeply. My eyes felt saw. I put my head on his chest; he was on my bed his fingers twisted in my fingers. I felt awkward; I'd never been this close to someone before. I lifted my head and looked up to see his face; he had a gingerly smile on his face.

"What is it?" I said worried.

"Nothing really" He smiled then shrugged; he suddenly flinched away from me and he was gone. There was a knock on my bedroom door.

"Come in" I mumbled weakly. It was Billy; his skin was pale white it was as if he'd seen a vampire. He had a big brown envelope in his hands. I looked at with curiosity. He had grief all over his face.

"Is it from the school?" I moaned.

"Yes" He said, was it me or was I handling this the best, even a vampire got freaked out. I groaned. He passed the large letter to me. I scanned through it.

"Dad don't worry I can get a......Operation" I managed to spit out. I got out of bed looking a state I still had my cloths from yesterday on. Billy face was still in shock. Billy wasn't so gullible unlike me. He gave me a look and walked out of the room silently. Michael came back from where ever he was hiding. He still had the same smile. His smile was mesmerizing, I was sat still just staring at his breathtaking looks. Why was he so happy all of a sudden? He walked towards me until his lips were lightly hovering over my cheek. My blood rushed to my head, I knew I was blushing.

"You know when you said what I can do" He murmured, I could feel his cool sweet breath against my blushed skin. I nodded trying to work out at what he was getting at.

"Well I know this will probably sound selfish, but I can turn you into................a vampire" It was even hard for him to say it.

"I bite you, the venom engulfs you body and......" He said looking ashamed. My forehead was against his. The moment felt like it was only me and him on the earth, every thing else was inconsequential. My breathing was off beat. The corners of his lips twitched, he chuckled. I looked up confused his eyes were a warming colour which automatically made my stare into them.

"How does this sound selfish exactly?" I mumbled still looking into his obsessive eyes. I could see a spark in his eyes.

"I'm taking you life away from you, and you could easily get an operation with the technology." He said with a regretful look on his beautiful face.

"What if I wanted to become what you are?" My finger was tracing the out lines of his lips. He mumbled something to his self that I couldn't work out.

"Never mind just ignore what I said" He was stressed I could tell by his eyes. He flinched away from me and looked my in the yes. I could see that guilt had filled his angle face.

"I'll meet you in the park" He said backing away even more he went out of the window.

I got my self out of bed eventually and got dressed when I got down there was a humming sound of people talking. I peeped down to see that it was it was the doctor. I groaned.

"Alison" Billy called with worry burning behind his words. I pulled my weight down stairs. The other person was the doctor we I saw the other day. Days felt so long with the omnipresent of the hot sun, around. I walked down the creaky stair case.

"Well, um..... This is a very important issue and we need to get it sorted and just double check every thing" The doctor said, he had a bead of sweat roll down the back of his neck. I rolled my eyes, looking forward to Michael's idea more and more by the minute.

"Yeah sure" I said.

"But do I have to have the blood test now?" I moaned. The doctor looked at Billy then at me. He couldn't force me to get an operation, I've always been stubborn. I grabbed an apple put of the fruit bowl, and stormed out.

Once I was out of the house Michael was waiting for me by the gate which led to the dark woods, when your there on your own it seems dark but when you with a him it's much better. We walked hand in to the beautiful mesmerizing park it was phenomenon.

"Why do you regret the idea of turning me into a "Vampire" I said trying to circumnavigate him.

"It's just not right, it was selfish of me say that-" He said through his perfect teeth, not even a speck of blood.

"But Michael I'm dieing every second, and because of this I could even die in....a......a....year" There was a massive not in my throat which I tried to swallow down.

"There will be lots of conclusions, but you wouldn't be able to control your self, all you'll want is blood and you'll do any thing to get it, if I had a chance I'd much rather die" He said. My forehead was against his again our lips met each others, my lip trembled, he lips were hard against my "human" lips, they crushed my lips, my fingers were twisted into his bronze hair, his lips were cold but I liked it, it was like a sensation sent through me. Once his lips parted from my lips, I looked into his obsessive eyes. He chuckled a playfully; it was like a perfect harmony.


The End

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