I woke up, my head was dizzy, I felt sickness take over my body. I tried opening my sleepy eyes. I could see some one beside me, who was it, it couldn't have been Billy I could hear him downstairs watching the T.V. I rubbed my sleepy eyes with the back of my hand. It was Michael, last night wasn't a dream. I tried to get up but it was no use I felt as weak as a twig.

"What happened last night?" I asked confused, but then as my mind was taking me back I had sudden flash backs of what happened, the running, the crowd, the girl and the running. I felt a cold shiver roll down my spine, for some reason that was the only thing that made me feel human at the moment. He casually looked at me as if nothing had happened. I finely got up as i did this Michael did the same and got up he came a round in a flash helping me get up but I moved away uneasily.

"What are you" I hissed through my teeth.

"You remembered yesterday, well I'm as you would say.............. Vampire" He said staring at the floor. My eyes filled with rage and anger I felt like ripping him apart but then he could probably eat me.

"You blood sucking monster" I cried but my head felt light and dizzy, Michael sat me down on my bed as he was approaching me I swiftly moved away and sat down my self.

"Yes I am a "Vampire", but I don't suck peoples blood, I'm a vegetarian it was how I was brought up" He said gingerly as if it was a big joke. My stomach turned and i felt sick I pushed him out of the way. I ran straight for the bathroom. I was sick every where, Michael came running behind me.

"Go away" I screamed at him.

"Tough chance" he said pulling my hair back for me. I was still vomiting after a minuets  what was wrong with me. I ran out of the bathroom and went down stairs, I knew Michael didn't want to get me into trouble so he went back into my room up a wear of Billy being there, I did this purposely because I wanted a few minuets of being human again. I went into the kitchen where Billy was sat drinking some orange juice. I'd been sick the other day in the morning, the doctor said it's probably just shock but I was positive that me and him weren't on the same page.

"I think you should go and see a doctor you've been stick over five times this week in the morning" Billy said looking up from the news paper so that he could see my face.

"It's just bad nightmares, nothing serious" I said lying to me self and Billy. Billy gave a thoughtful nod back then got back into his news paper, my stomach had a pain as if so one had put a knife into my gut. I carefully sipped the orange juice, all I tasted was bitterness, I spat it back out it sprayed all over my cloths.

"Dad what have you put in this it's really bitter" I said putting my hand over my mouth. Then the pain came back. I headed straight for the bathroom again and Michael was there leaning against the frame.

"I think your dads right you should go to the doctors" he said.  I moved him with my left arm with all my strength until he got that I wanted him to move out of the way. He blissfully moved out of the way knowing what was coming.


The End

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