"How long doses it take!!" Billy shouted from the bottom of the stair case.

"Wait" I shouted down the stairs.

"Come on" He said. It was the prom night. Billy was taking me because he was happy that I was back on my own to feet after Alex died. I was just brushing my hair back. So you could see my neck. I wore what I wore for our school prom. Alex practically made me go he had to drag me out of the house. I walked down stair carefully.

"Wow you look grate, are you sure your going to be okay" Billy asked concerned.

"Yes dad it's not like there going to eat me" I said sarcastically. Billy dropped me off half way and Alex drove the rest of the way. When I got out of Billy's car I told him not to worry, we were only going as friends.

"Hey" I said to Alex as I got into his car. It had cold leather seats. I shiver rolled down my spine. Was this the shiver of excitement or fear?

"Hey, wow you look grate" He said in amazement.

"Thanks, nice tucks" I said looking at his tucks in a weird way. It was about a twenty minute drive. For the rest of the way we drove in silence. When we got there his bow tie was a bit out of place. I leaned over and sorted it out for him. He leaned close to me and kissed me on my lips. I couldn't help myself; I tried to pull my weak lips away. My tong literally got twisted into his. His hard rock like lips crushed onto mine. I managed to pull away. I gave a long glare.

"Your disgusting, my boyfriend just died and you said as friends" I said to him sharply, but i did enjoy it but it felt so wrong, and not right.

"I'm going to call Billy to pick me up" I hissed.

"Look I'm sorry it's just...., Please it was just an accident can we still be friends?" He pleaded. I looked at him; tears started rolling down my check. I put my face against his hard chest. My tears spilled every where, onto his shirt. The pain had decided to come now.

"I don't think I can do this" I said to Michael. He made me look at him with his cold icy thumbs he wiped my tears.

"I've already lost Alex I don't want to lose another so just for the sake of you I'll come and I'm so sorry I lost the perfume you gave me I couldn't find it I'm so sorry" I hurried through my sentence. Michael gave me a sharp look as if I'd done it on purpose. We got out of the car. He came up to me.

"At least put you hair down properly" He said sharply looking at other couples who were as beautiful as him.

"NO" I said stubbornly like a five year old.

"Why is it such a big deal other girls have there hair up, I'm not moving until you tell me why" I said. He looked at me. His eyes hypnotized me.

"By the way were going, you'll know by the end of this night" He said under his breath. We walked into a posh hall.

"Oh no" I said

"Oh yes" He said back. He grabbed me skinny arm. We went into the crowded hall of people. There was no food or drink. This was unusual.

"Hey shouldn't there be food or drink table" I asked confused.

"No not really" He said grinning. It was really crowded but there was still a chilly breeze. I moved my hair back. The door was open and there was a light breeze of wind which moved my hair back for me. Everyone was staring at me every one in the whole hall. One girl who looked beautiful pale white skin beautiful gray eyes, she sniffed me as if I had drugs on me. I looked at Michael nervously.

"She's fresh" The girl hissed.

"An early snack" I herd some one form the crowed shout. Suddenly I herd a huge hiss which filled the room. There was a girl who was near to me looked at me and then at Michael.

"Michael don't you know not to play with you food" She said in a sly voice. I looked at Michael.

"RUN" He shouted. I did as he said I ran for my life. He was right behind me I could hear his breath, behind me. He put his cold arm around my waist. It was like we were flying. He ran as fast as the wind literally. Not one human on earth could be this strong; it was like he was immortal. I could feel the cool wind on my face.  I felt a sick feeling from inside every thing was going to fast for me. I closed my eyes hopping I was dreaming. When I opened my eyes we were in a dark forest. We were just at the prom how could he run so fast. It was like all of a sudden he had built up his own world of magic, my mind was spinning with confusion my eye lids felt so heavy I wanted to stay awake but the sleep had took over me. There was one thing I was sure of, Michael was not  human.


The End

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