I'd just woken up. My head was spinning. I got up I looked into my mirror my hair was a mess and I still had my caddie on from yesterday. My eyes had red rings under them. I went back to my bed and on my pillow there was a wet patch. I must have been crying all night, and next to my pillow was the note. I looked at if for a minute and put it aside to keep it safe, I went to the bathroom. Today was Monday so I had to go to school. I brushed my teeth and sorted my hair out. I pulled put any old thing out of my closet. I wore my jeans and my blue top. I walked down carefully watching every step. When I got down I could her Billy in the kitchen making fried egg. Then suddenly my mind went blank.

"Ali, ALISON" Billy said worried

My head was spinning. I was in an unfamiliar white room. My eyes were half open I could see Billy at the reception desk. He was walking over. I tried to get up I pushed all my weight onto my left hand. The Doctor put his cool and on my fore hand and by that time Billy had reached my bed the Doctor said something into Billy's ear and Billy nodded but he had a worried look on his face. He walked up to me.

"Ali the Doc said you have to stay her for another two hours you need to relax" I sighed in disappointment.

"Can I at lest got the toilet" I mumbled

"Um..................... yeah sure" Billy said

I pushed on my left hand and Billy helped me get up. I limped to the toilet because my legs had fallen asleep. In the far distance I could see him. It was the mysterious boy. Why was he here? He was leaning against the wall near the toilet as if he was waiting for someone. When I was a foot way from him he was staring at something. I looked behind me to see what he was staring at, but there was nothing there. I turned back to face him, he was staring at me. I thought to my self is this some private joke scare a random girl by staring at her. I was going to say it to his face but then he put his ice cold finger on my lips.

"Hi" He as if we'd been friend for years.

"Um.......................Hi" I said back confused

He laughed under his breath.

"What" I hissed at him

"Nothing, you make me laugh, my names Michael" I looked at him trying to work out what he was thinking about.

"My names Ali" I said not sure weather or not I was being punk'd.

"I believe we've met before when your boyfriend Alex....................."

"Yeah, I remember" I said sharply.

With out thinking I carefully reached out my right hand, with the tip of my finger a traced the lines under his eyes and around his lips. It was like he put me in a trance, but there was something he was hiding under the pale white, ice cold skin. I couldn't put my finger on it. I closed my eyes shut tight, just to make sure I wasn't dreaming my finger was still on his lips. I felt a cold shiver roll down my spine.

"Um, sorry about that, your just so beautiful" I said it was like someone had took over me. The words just spilled out. I completely forgot that I needed to do to the toilet.

"I've got to go my dad's waiting for me" I said quickly. I could feel his eyes on my back as I walked back. When I got back Billy's eyes were full of relief

"Hey Ali Doc said you can go home now they've got all the information" Billy said. I tried to act excited but I wanted to see "Michael" again. I was guessing I'd see a lot more of him. When we got home I ran straight up stairs with out even looking back at Billy. I shut my bed room hard. I could see a note on my bed. It was neatly folded. I went over to see the note. I picked it up. I opened it up carefully. It has my name neatly written at the top:


Want to meet up some time?


My heart was racing; I bet Billy could hear from down stairs. Michael was extremely beautiful he had an angle face it seemed like when ever around all my worries would go. I put the note into my back pocket and sighed. I kicked off my shoes and lay down on my bed. My eye lids felt heavy, and I fell asleep.


The End

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