Enchanted love

This story has got every thing romance,friendship and action. Perfect for girls =)
Ali (Alison) lives with her dad (Billy) they live in a town near New York. Her boyfriend, Alex dies and her whole life turns upside down, but the she meets a mysterious character called Michael, but hes hiding a life changing secret. Ali doesn't know his big secret until shes in a room full of blood thirsty vampires. They then develop a strong relation ship but Alis always finding danger one way or another.......



The sun was shining, streams of sunlight bounced off the walls, I woken up, my head was dizzy from a restless night of nightmares. I heard a creak. Someone was down stairs. I immediately got out of my bed (still dizzy); I was looking around for my old cardigan I found it on the floor.  I wrapped it around my self and pulled it down to cover my bare legs because I only had shorts on. When ever I have nightmares I feel like someones watching me. I carefully opened my bed room door and I gingerly walked down the stairs I watch my step. I herd a familiar voice and sighed with relief. It was my boyfriend Alex we hadn't been going out for along time we kind of got set up on a blind date by our friends.

"Hey" Alex said in a husky voice but I had a tone of sadness in it.

"Hey" I said back worried

I went down stairs to greet him properly with a hug but he stepped away. I gave him an confused look.

"What's wrong?" I asked innocently.

"I can't do this any more" He mumbled under his breath. He took a deep breath and said.

"What, whats going on?" He had totally lost me, I was slow at working things out.

"Well.............. I'm going out with the head cheerleader "Amy" and she said I had to dump you to go out with her, I'm really sorry" He said with a guilty tone. My face went red and was filled with anger I could feel tears coming from my eyes, I pushed him with all my strength, and opened the door, I didn't want to listen to his dumb alibi. My eyes were filled with rage; I tried to hide my tears.

"Get out, and never come back" I hissed as he walked out. His head was held down he walked over to his car across the road about a two minuets away from the house. I slammed the door shut. Billy came running down in his old brow dressing gown.

"What was that all about" He said in an angry tone.


I stopped half way trough my sentence. We herd a scream. I gave Billy a worried look.

Billy was my dad. My mum lives in Arizona. Her name's Anna. I've lived with Billy for most off my life. According to him I've never been much of I pain, I've never really been interested into boys, cloths, make-up. I'm just me, my real names Alison. I Ran towards the door. The sun was still shining. I ran in my slippers to see all the commotion. It was Alex's scream. My face was filled with different emotion. I wasn't sad or happy.

"Alex" I cried.

There was a crowd surrounding him. I pushed my way through the crowd. There was a boy there about my age. He was starring at me. He was paled skinned paler then my skin. He had unusual eyes a golden brown with a hazel green out line, It sounds unusual but he was beautiful. His hair was a blond brunet color.  He had a gingerly smile on his face. I'd completely forgotten about Alex. It was as if the boy was a dream. I ran toward Alex, trying to ignore the mysterious boy. Alex was lying there lifeless; I felt a horrible pain as if some one had punched me. I went up to him, I felt his cheek with the palm of my left hand, and he laid there on the cold road. The mysterious boy was behind me. He startled me. The boy leaned over. I felt his cold breath against my cheek.

"Are you happy, this is what you wanted after he dumped you?" He whispered.

My eyes widened with shock and my mouth fell open in amazement. How the hell could he know that? I was totally confused. I turned to him; he had a crooked smile on his face. If he was trying to flirt with me now was not a good time. I turned back to Alex, and then turned back to the mysterious boy, but he was gone. There was a note on floor. Saying:

Ambulance is around the corner coming in 5

Around the corner there was an ambulance. When the ambulance reached the crowd they told every one to move out of the way. My face was motionless I was so shocked. Billy had come out too, when the ambulance drove away he was talking to Mrs Bray, she had tears in her eyes and her delicate paper like skin was red because of the tears. Billy had his arm around her trying to calm her down. I walked up to them. I folded my arms against my chest.

"Honey go back into the house, get some rest it's just been a shock for you" he said with a reassuring smile. I nodded and walked back into the house slowly. My hand were in fist, in my left hand I had the note. When I got inside the house I went up stairs straight away. I shut my door and lay on my bed of fifteen minutes. Billy put his head around the door.

"Mrs Bray says sorry, Alex just walked straight in front of her car" he said in a guilty tone as if it was his fault.

"Kay" I mumbled. For some reason I couldn't feel the pain yet, when was it going to come. I was dreading this part the most.



The End

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