My Heart

"Stop it, Mihal" I whisper not looking at him. "You're not winning me back"

"You're just hurting her" Alex says holding me protectively. It hurts me so much to say all these things. It hurts me so much to step away from Mihal, like Alex says, who was the love of my lives.

"I don't believe either of you" He stares intently at my face. "In all of your lives I have never known you to act so cruelly. This is not you"

"This is me standing up for myself. I'm only doing this to stop myself from being killed" I say looking into Mihal's eyes hoping to show him what I'm trying to say. Hoping he'll understand this is the only option if we are to remain alive and well.

"We better go" Alex says beginning to pull me away.

"Xaria, do you want to go with him? If you do then I won't stop you, but if you're lying to me or being forced to say these things in some way then tell me and I will kick his sorry ass out that door"

"I'm trying to stay alive" I let Alex pull me towards the door.

"We're going now" Alex says sternly.

"That isn't answering my question. Do you want to go with this guy?"

"Shut up, holy boy" Alex says then shoves him with magic into the wall behind him. "She's with me now, get over it" I remain silent tears growing in my eyes. He crumples into a ball on the floor not getting up.

"Mihal!" I scream and try to run over to him but Alex stops me. "Get off!" Alex stumbles back and falls over from the force of magic I pushed his way. I run over to Mihal and pull him into my lap. "Wake up, please" Tears stream down my face.

"This breaking the deal" Alex growls getting up.

"I knew you cared" Mihal groaned, looking up at her smiling. The tears flow heavily.

"Just cause I care doesn't change a thing" I whisper shaking my head. "We can't be together" I kiss his forhead and heal any wounds or aching in his body. Then I stand up and walk back to Alex. "I'm saving you from an eternity of mourning"

"You think you are but all you're doing is hurting me more. This small amount of time I get to spend with you is all I have, the only thing that makes this eternity worth living through"

"Stop begging, dude. Its perfetic" Alex says, sliding his arm back round my waist.

"It can't keep happening, Mihal. That's the problem. I'm sorry but like Nan says times run out" I say then let Alex lead me out leaving Mihal and my heart behind.

The End

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