I moved around the store silently. That was until Mihal arrived. I tensed and turned my back going back to my present job of stacking the selves. He waits at the counter for a while looking awkward. When I don't speak he approaches me. "How are you?" he asks nervously.

"I'm fine" I say moving to the next stack of books and beginning to stack them up onto the shelves.

"Have you forgiven me?" he asks. I shake my head and roll my eyes.

"There's nothing to forgive" I say, completely ignoring him and giving him the cold shoulder. It hurts me painfully to do this.

"Then why are you being so... strange? Why did you kick me out last night?" He says.

"Cause I realised my Nan was right" I say, turning to face him keeping my face expressionless but I know my eyes show pain. "Your dangerous and I can't be with you" Each word I speaks hurts me painfully but I know that we can't go on like this. I can't die this time.... I can't make him think I'll be there forever.

"But I promise you this time will be different. I will not let you die this time, I will protect you. Please believe me Xaria" he begs and I can't help but wince beginning to walk past him keeping my head lowered.

"Xaria, talk to me" he says taking hold of my arm stopping me in my tracks. "What is wrong?" I look up at him and see pain and confusion. It hurts me so bad and I can't help but look away.

"You've said that before" I whisper. "I can't keep reappearing, Mihal"

"What do you mean? I wish someone would say what they meant" he says and I can't help but feel guilty.

"I can't, Mihal. You just need to leave me alone. Its the best for both of us" I whisper my voice cracking occasionally.

"No it isn't. I'll fade away without you, I'll go back to the pointless existence I'd been living before I found you. Please don't condemn me to that" As he speaks pain strikes my heart and I do my best to hold myself up, to not collapse from the pain.

"I'm sorry, Mihal" I look up at him and tense at the close distance between us. I try to not look at his lips and eventually focus on his eyes. Why? Why did he have to pursue me? Why did she have to be like him and want me dead? Why can't we just be together without all the trouble?

"Don't do this" He takes me face in his hands, bringing his face closer to mine. "I know you don't want to do this"

Shivers travel down my spine at his forbidden touch and I almost want to kiss his lips. I actually do that pressing my body to his, wrapping my arm round his neck and kissing him with a desperate passion. I know I shouldn't do this but I need his touch.... I need it.

The End

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