Without warning, the door opened and I heard Xaria’s name being shrieked from the stunned and outraged figure standing in her doorway.  Xaria pulled away from me as did I, rolling backwards and staggering off the bed.

‘Nan,’ she gasped, shocked to see her back at this time.  I could see the fury burning away in Xaria’s Nan’s eyes as her hand shot out, magic propelling me towards the window.  ‘Nan!’  I felt Xaria’s magic working against her Nan’s pulling me away from the window and towards her.

‘How could you Xaria?’  Her Nan exclaimed when I was back on my feet behind Xaria.

‘I love him,’ she whispered in return.

‘He’ll kill you,’ her Nan hissed.  ‘He always does.’

‘At least he tells me the truth!’

‘You told her?  How stupid are you?’

‘She has a right to know about her past,’ I protested.  ‘I’m sorry if that offends you but I was only doing what I thought was right.’

‘She’s different this time.  Haven’t you seen that?’

‘Different?’  Xaria looked at me confused.

‘I don’t know what you mean,’ I said, genuinely puzzled by what I was being told.  Xaria’s Nan shook her head.

‘She’ll be dead either way now you’re here.  No one can stop her and just because Xaria has more power this time won’t stop her from killing Xaria.’

‘I don’t understand.  Who’s killing her?’  I put my arm protectively around Xaria.

‘Like you would be able to stop her.’  Xaria’s Nan said, a look of both pain and love on her face as she looked at Xaria.  ‘I really hoped this wouldn’t happen,’ she said leaving the room.

‘What is she talking about?’  Xaria asked, turning to me for answers.

‘I don’t know.  You’ve always been killed in accidents, no one has ever murdered you.’

‘That can’t be true.  Nan’s speciality is seeing the past and future.’  I walked off after Xaria’s Nan, leaving Xaria in the room alone.  She had retreated into what I assumed was the study, a book open in front of her.

‘What do you know?  If you know who is killing Xaria then I can protect her.  Tell me who it is.’  She looked up from her book at me.

‘You don’t have the power to stop her and she’s someone you trust.  I can’t tell you any more.’

‘Look I know you don’t like me,’ I said, kneeling down by her chair.  ‘But I love Xaria, as much as you wish I didn’t, but I want to protect her.  I can’t lose her again.  Please talk to me.  We both want the same thing here.’  Suddenly shivers were sent down my spine as I heard a blood-curdling scream coming from Xaria’s room.

‘And she’s even more curious to find out what’s going on.  You’d better get to her before she gets stuck in the past.’  I hardly noticed the last words spoken to me as I fled out of the room and up the stairs, not worrying that my shoes were thudding every time they hit the ground.  I burst into Xaria’s room to find her writhing on the bed, her arms flailing about.

‘Xaria, are you alright?’  I said stupidly, trying to pin her down but she was too strong.

‘Mihal, stop her, why won’t you stop her?  Where are you?’  She was delirious, sweating feverishly and clutching her stomach.  There was blood seeping through her shirt.

‘Xaria what happened?  I’m here; tell me who it was that attacked you.  Oh my God!  There’s blood, call an ambulance!’

‘Where are you?’  Xaria said, still thrashing around on the bed.  ‘Why aren’t you there?  You said you’d be there.’  Then, as suddenly as it had started, it stopped.  Her eyes flew open and the bloodstain on her shirt slowly disappeared.

‘Oh my God,’ I said, sitting close to her and stroking her face, panic still shaking my body.  ‘You’re alright.’

‘No I’m not alright,’ she said, pushing me away.  My relief turned to horror as I saw the anger in her eyes.  ‘Get out Mihal!  Get out!’

The End

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