"If I tell you the truth, will you promise to believe me?" He whispers. I swallow nervous feeling my heart pound and some foreign pulse echo through my veins. All of this cause of him. Why?

"Yes" I whisper. I have to know and I don't mean that lightly. I really have to know. "What are you to me?" I ask the same shocking question again but this time I know its reason. My sudden attraction to him is frightening and I need to know why I am.

"I have lived for over 200 years, never ageing, never changing.  My only purpose in life is to wait for you, my soul mate" he says it with such ease. No false hints in his voice. I don't speak I just step forward and trace the feature of his face.

"Please tell me you recognise me" his voice is pained as he speaks and I don't know what to say. My heart is pounding from his presence and there is familiarity about him but.... I don't know him.

"You seem familiar..... but I don't feel like I know you" I whisper frowning. "I'm confused while I feel attracted to you" I suddenly blush and begin to look away.

"Please don't turn away" he puts his hand on my cheek, making me look at him. "I haven't been able to look at your face is so long. I've forgotten how beautiful you are" I find my heart racing and my eyes focus on his lips. I feel wanting and desire so foreign to me. I've never been attracted to anyone. Is this why?

Slowly he leans in seeming almost nervous but eventually our lips meet. I slowly let my arms wrap around his neck. I feel awkward yet kissing him feels so right. Is this how its been for centuries. I mean I've heard of reincarnations but so frequent.... it amazes. I press my body up to Mihal's in slight desperation to deepen the kiss. I feel his hands on my waist pulling me to him tightly and I feel such desire I have to pull back.

The End

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