I found it very strange working in the same store as Mihal and I kept blushing every time I was around him. I don't know why. I bet he knew just like my Nan knew and also just like my Nan I knew he wouldn't tell me. It frustrated me to no end not knowing about something that not only involved me but also my feelings and the new appearance of my powers. It freaked me out that after I had met him they had appeared when I'd all but given on hope of them appearing.

I found myself reading in the corner of the shop at the back. I was reading a book about Robins and I found it beautiful so I began reading aloud. “The Robin flew swift and light on the wind” Suddenly a ghostly Robin appeared before me. I gasped and found myself watching it fly around till it faded. I looked back at the page and continued. “Leaves fell from the trees around” I whisper and I watched as leaves fell from a ghostly tree that hung above me. It was delicate and beautiful and it almost looked like crystals hung from them.

“Its cool isn't it” I snapped the book shut and the ghostly figures vanished. I looked up to see Mihal standing a bit to the side of me watching. His head was tilted and he seemed slightly upset by something.

“How did you...” I gasp. “How did you sneak up on me?” I straighten myself up and glare at Mihal angry and furious. He tilts his head some more and it makes my heart skip a beat. He looks so cute like that, I find myself thinking but I shake my head throwing away the strange thoughts. I look back at Mihal who looks even more pained than before.

"Sorry, I disturbed you but that's a pretty cool trick you've got there" He says. I find my eyes narrowing.

"What do you know about it?" I ask with pure curiousity in my voice.

"A little. What do you know?" He says and strangely I know he's holding back. This annoys me. Why the hell am I being kept out of the loop?

"My Nan brought me up in magic but I only got my powers recently. Ever since I met-" I cut off short and blush getting to my feet.

"Ever since you met me?" he says quietly seeming to know the answer.

"What do you know about me?" I ask, clenching my fist. "Why does everyone seem to know but me?"

"I'm not sure here is the right place to talk" he says, looking nervous but I don't care that he's nervous. I need to know what's going on. I need to know why my Nan's scared of him and why both of them seem to know about it?

"I'm not going anywhere with you" I say strongly. "My Nan says your dangerous and I trust her more than I trust you"

"Of course" He says with a pained expression. "I can understand why you won't trust me. Not yet anyway"

I frown tilting my head walking up to him. "What do you mean not yet? What's going on? Who are you? What are you to me?" I find the last question shocking and step back shaking my head.

The End

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