I looked away, finding it hard to be so near her but not be able to show my true feelings.  Without warning I felt fingers on my head around where the book had hit me.

‘Does it hurt?’  She asked, her stomach now very close to my face.

‘Ow,’ I winced.  ‘It does when you do that.’

‘Sorry,’ she said, immediately pulling away but still standing in front of me.

‘It’s alright,’ I said.  ‘It was my fault for shocking you.’  She didn’t say anything in return, studying my face intently.  It was so painful to have her eyes on me once more, sending shivers down my spine.  I had to use all the strength in my body to stop myself from going over and taking her in my arms.  Then I saw a small spark in her eyes, something that looked like recognition.

‘Are you alright?’  I asked, hope building up inside my chest.  But it wasn’t to be.  The spark died and my hopes lay smashed on the floor.

‘Umm… I… nothing.’  She stepped backwards, her cheeks flushing.  ‘We should get to work.’  She said, changing the subject.

‘Yes, of course.’  I couldn’t help feeling the pang of disappointment and hurt inside me, a great yearning to be close to her overriding every sense in my body.  All I could see was her.  All I wanted to feel was the touch of her skin.  All I wanted to smell was the shampoo she used in her hair.

I took the icepack away from my head, leaving it on the stool I had been sitting on.  ‘I need to get to those boxes,’ I said, pointing to the pile next to the door.

‘Oh yeah,’ she said, stepping aside.  As I moved past her I felt her take a sharp intake of breath and when I turned around to see her, she was blushing again.  I ignored it, picking up the boxes.

‘I’ll see you around then,’ I said, forcing a friendly smile to hide the pain inside.

‘We’ll be in the same shop all of today, so…’ Her sentence trailed off as she stared at my face, her eyes focusing in on my lips.  She blushed as soon as she realised what she was doing and turned around, walking back towards the counter.  I smiled as I watched her go.  I couldn’t believe it could hurt this much, but every time I met her again I felt the same sharp pang in my chest, each time more painful than the last.  She was my obsession, all I wanted.  But I knew I couldn’t have her forever.

The End

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