Confused Charmer

My Nan looked a bit shifty as we traveled back home. "What's wrong, Nan?" I ask pulling a small book out of my pocket and beginning to read. Strangely I never got car sick from reading a Charmer's book... other books, yeah. My head span and I could through up but a Charmer's book was magical.

That's what I am you see, a Charmer. More commonly known as a witch but we don't use that cause thats what you call the bad magical humans. The ones who mix with the deamons of hell and black magic.

"Who was that boy, Xaria?" Nan asked as we pulled up the road leading to only our house. I felt a frown appear on my face.

"Um, I think he said his name was Mihal. Why?" I ask feeling curious. Did this have something to do with why I thought I knew him? Did I see him in one of Nan's books?

I watch as Nan tensed and the car began to bump about with the road. "I don't want you seeing him again" Nan says sternly.

"Why not, Nan?" I ask feeling sadness clench at my heart. Wait, why am I sad? I hardly know this guy. Not being able to see him shouldn't make me sad... not at all.

"Because he's dangerous" Nan says pulling up in front of our house. Its a small house and apparantly has a lot of history.... well, about 240 years ago it use to be an orphanage. That was until a young girl at the age of 18, who grew up there and began working there as a maid, died of unforseen circumstances. It forced the place to shut down and ever since then its remained in the hands of Nan's family tree.

When I say Nan, I don't meen she's my grandmother... no, I was adopted and that why the history of this place intrigues me. "How is he dangerous?" I ask as we get out of the car. I follow Nan into the house and she opens the front door with a flick of her fingers. How I wish my powers would come through. "Is he a deamon?"

Nan scoffs as we end up in the kitchen. She begins to prepare food and I hop up onto the kitchen side watching. "No, he's not a deamon" she says.

"A Witch?" I ask with a tilt of my head.

"No, not that either" Nan sighs.

"But you said they're the only things I have to worry about" I frown confused and Nan sighs turning to me.

"He's dangerous for another reason. Pass me the herbs" She says with a sigh. I pout and grab the basket from behind me. I hold it out and Nan reaches for it. Its then that it slips from my fingers. I watch wide eyes and my palm shoots out..... the moment it does the basket freezes.

Not only myself but also Nan stare at it. Slowly my Nan sighs and she grabs the basket which resumes time allowing everything to move again like the bird that was pause in mid-flight outside the window. "What just happened?" I whisper.

"Your powers have come through" Nan says looking at me with sad eyes. "And he's the reason for it"

The End

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