Cold Day

The bell clanged as I stepped in. I felt frost bite on the tips on the tips of my fingers. My nose felt red and my cheeks ice cold. I moved over to the counter. Stupid Nan, she promised today. I shake my head and approach Sapphire at the counter. "Hey, Saph" I say with a smile.

"Oh, Hey. How are you, Xaria? Your Nan late again?" She say with a frown and a flick of her hair.

"Yeah, she said she wouldn't be late today. Guess the cat got out again. Um, any chance of a hot chocolate?" I ask with a bright smile When I say the cat got out I actually meant a deamon. It's what my Nan told me to say, so in some way I wasn't lying.

"Of course... I would stay standing if I were you. The guy at the almost empty table is cold" She says then stalks off to make my hot chocolate. I turn and look and almost find myself stumble. Its.... Its..... I shake my head and blint realising I don't know him at all. What the hell was that about? Why did I think I knew him? Why did my heart pound?

I look him up and down and decide its cause he's cute. I mean super, extra, ultera cute. I almost find myself sighing as Sapphire comes back with my drink. I snap out of it and take my drink. "Thanks, Saph" I say then smile before making my way over to the table. He doesn't stir or move to acknowledge my presence. "Um, excuse me?"

"Yes" he says still not looking up.

"May I sit here?" I ask with a light smile.

"Um, sure" he says looking out the window. I sit with my drink and shuffle my feet feeling slightly awkward. I look around then sigh heavily. "So, what's your name?"

"Mihal" he says.

"Thats a funny name" I giggle. I watch as he takes in a sharp breath and finally looks up, his eyes shock me. So bright and shining.

"Then what's yours?" He asks.

"Xaria" I say with a shrug.

"That's a beautiful name" he whispers, looking back at his coffee. I find myself blushing and looking at him with amazement.

"Thats very nice of you" I whisper, my voice almost choking in my throat. "Personally I always wonder why I got called that"

"Cause it means melody" His voice is a whisper and its almost as if he was talking to himself.

"Yeah, it means melody.... how do you know that?" I ask. He shrugs and its then my Nan's car pulls up outside. I stand up and offer my hand. "Nice to have met you" He looks up and strangely his eyes are filled with pain.

"Your going?" He asks. I nod.

"I have to get home" I say. Realisation flashes across his face and he reaches out to shake my hand. The moment he does a spark crackles between our palms. I yank my hand back at stare at him. He stares back with a calm expression. "Who are you?" I whisper unable to hold the words back. I don't wait for the answer I grab my drink and run out jumping into my Nan's car.

The End

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