Getting Ready

Lux's apartment was a tiny studio. It barely had room to walk in it. Clothes covered the bed and the floor. Dishes were piled up in the sink. Hanging on the wall above the bed was a metal yin-yang sign.

Lux felt like it was a masculine night. They sent Linh into the bathroom so they could change separately. Lux took off their shirt and bra. Lux looked down at their pale breasts. Could be worse, they thought. They could be too big to bind. Lux put on the binder and a Slipknot t-shirt over that. They wore their skinny jeans. Lux knocked on the bathroom door.

"You decent?" Lux asked.

Linh giggled. "Never," she replied.

Lux chuckled. "Seriously, though. Can I come in?"

"Give me a few more minutes," Linh called. "It's not easy being this cute."

Linh had been Lux's best friend since 6th grade. When people made fun of Linh for being short, or worse, said racist stuff because she was Asian, Lux always stood up for her. In turn, Linh was the only one who accepted Lux's fluid gender.

"Alright," Linh said. "Come on in, my dear."

Linh was wearing a Lolita dress. Lux clicked her tongue and shook her head. "Girl, you are too much for the club. You're supposed to wear something slinky, not dressy."

Linh laughed, "Oh, right, you're the fashion expert, with your t-shirt and jeans."

"I'm not trying to impress anyone," Lux said defensively as they reached for the neon green hair gel. "I'm just going for the karaoke."

"You don't even sing!" Linh teased, as she put on some foundation and concealer.

"I don't have a good voice. You've heard me. Frogs in my throat would be an improvement." Lux spiked their hair.

Linh grinned mischievously as she did her eye makeup. "It's not about being good, dear Lux. It's about being drunk."

"I can be drunk and not sing, thank you very much." They posed in the mirror. "What do you think, Linh?"

Linh put on metallic blue lipstick before replying. "You look good," she affirmed. "And me?" Her hair was braided and her eye shadow was also blue.

"You look like a manga character." Lux said.

"Good. I was going for larger than life."

"You driving?"

Linh smiled. "It's my car, of course I'm driving."

"Okay, cool." Lux said, as they filed into the lime green Volkswagen. It was littered with peace signs and flowers. The wheel and the seats had fuzzy pink covers. Linh is such a hippie, Lux thought. But then, look who's talking.

The End

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