Lux, pansexual and genderfluid, navigates a very queer world searching for love, and finds it... in abundance. First Lux is torn between Linh and Obi, and then to make matters more complicated, Kamon enters the picture. Who will Lux end up with?

I’m neither girl nor boy, man nor woman. I’m in the space in between and outside those boxes. Sex organs and chromosomes don’t define me. My gender is beyond definition. You can call me non-binary, genderqueer, genderfluid, two-spirited, whatever, but the words don’t matter. What matters is that people like me are going to change the world.

No one fits into the traditional gender paradigm. You’re supposed to be a man OR a woman, masculine OR feminine, girl OR boy. But truth be told, we’re all more than just one thing. The most common kind of bullying is making fun of someone for not conforming to gender norms. It happens to almost everyone. You’re more like me than you know.

The main character is like me, an enby (like NB, short for non-binary). I’m going to use the singular they/them pronouns to describe them. This is not a grammatical error. There’s precedent for it in the human language. That may be why most enbies prefer they/them pronouns.

I wrote this story because I didn't know of any media that had representations of characters like me. I hope this reaches those who think they are alone in being different. You're never alone.


The End

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