Chapter XLIV: Innocent

An Excert from Diary of the Innocent, Entry 17: 301, Date 78 of 7499 Sc

I smiled to myself. It was my last day of being Innocent. They had seen I wasn't so innocent at all. I lied, I cheated, and I got many time outs. Before now. Tomorrow, my name will be Lovestruck, according to Mother, since I seem like I am all the time. I am not in love with anyone.

I walked back to my room, and gave a yawn.

"Are you well, Lovestuck?"

"Ah, I am still Innocent for the rest of the day though, Mother." I smiled, looking in the mirror, pulling my fingers through my hair. I have long chestnut brown hair, quite pale skin, and big cloudy blue eyes. My eighteenth Birthday is tomorrow. And my new name.

"Lovestruck, you shoulder by wearing the right attire." I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

"Sorry Mother. What should I wear?"

"What would your mate like?"

"I don't have a mate."

"Then wear this." A white dress appeared. It was just plain white, and it reached my ankles. With it was a single white rose, and some high heels.

"Thank you, Mother." I smiled, taking off my slobby attire, and stepping into the dress, zipping it up, and slid on the shoes. The dress hugged my curves perfectly. I took the rose to the mirror, tied it to a hair elastic, and tied it into my hair back into a bun, with the rose slightly to the side.

"Maybe red, Mother?" I asked, but the dress changed as I said it, along wih the rose.

"I thought you were Innocent? White suits innocent."

"Ah, but red suits Lovestruck." I smiled, exiting my room.

The End

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