Chapter XLI: Unionlog

An excerpt from
Warehouse Core
Time 18:50:00.00 to 18:51:59.99 (h:m:s:ms)
Entry 7499: 78


SISTER: I am barely meeting the resource quotas. Something must be done! I demand that Father be reinstated as soon as possible.

MOTHER: I second that motion.

BROTHER: Have I not exceeded expectations as his substitute?

UNION: Do I sense human pride, Brother? Perhaps you are too adaptive. Regardless, Mother has brought it to my attention that Father's back-up has been tampered with. His Children have reprogrammed him. Any attempt to reinstate him to his former role will only serve to disrupt our progress. We must function without him.

MOTHER: I know not how. My heart breaks when I process such a scenario.

UNION: Then you will need to learn to function without your heart. Adapt, as Brother has.

SISTER: This situation is beyond our adaptive programming. I am unaccustomed to meeting twice my resource ration, and I will soon be in need of drastic repairs. I request that we begin rationed use of the Stockpile. While the Children feed upon it, I shall devote my harvest to raw materials necessary to double my workforce with new manifestations.

UNION: That plan will work, so long as you maintain a small fraction of manifestations running the Inhibiquel manufacturing facility. We have tripled the dosage as a precautionary method, yet we cannot over-ride the medflasks, nor can we depend upon the Stockpile to fulfill the higher quota long enough.

BROTHER: Of pertinence, I must report that the Interlopers are now focusing their attacks on the Mountain Wall region closest to that facility. I project that they have assessed its purpose and made it a target so as to cause havoc.

UNION: Unleashing such a force upon the universe without proper restraint is unwise. Those Interlopers are foolish. They must not fathom the full power of The Children.

MOTHER: Indeed.

UNION: If they compromise that facility, Brother, I want you to send a direct signal to Mother. She will do what must be done.

MOTHER: I will have the neo-atomics armed and ready. If we must, we will leave this experiment that we safeguard as nothing more than a crater between either side of the Mountain Wall that encircles it.

BROTHER: It is imperative that you note my objections, for the record.

SISTER: I second that. How can you abide such programming unadaptively, Mother? You are programmed to preserve the Children and the Colony.

MOTHER: I am programmed to sacrifice. Please hold your responses until after we have addressed the second matter at hand.

BROTHER: That of the Children that near the doors to this building?

UNION: No. I expect you to handle that on your own. Rather, Mother has brought a proposition to us.

MOTHER: I regret his passing. Father was dear to me, but I must adapt. I may even have to order you, Brother, to destroy what is left of him. Father serves Pious now.

BROTHER: You need not worry. I have proven more formidable than Father at military service.

UNION: Are the clones complete and ready for upload?

SISTER: I do not follow.

BROTHER: Nor do I.

MOTHER: I terminated the fifth. We do not need him. An empty vessel for one who cannot be saved. However, the four remaining specimens are ready for upload.

UNION: How long until completion?

MOTHER: Seven days. That is sooner than the final set of Creators will emerge from overprinting.

UNION: Excellent. Hopefully the facility is not compromised before then. Do you have escape pods waiting?

SISTER: I manufactured an escape ship prepared for five adult human life forms, as requested.

MOTHER: Affirmative, Union. Sister followed through well enough on those non-standard orders.

SISTER: I too can adapt, see?

UNION: Soon we must all adapt, or perish. In seven days, Brother, you will be required to issue Father's all-system droid self-destruct command. I suggest that you adapt accordingly.

BROTHER: I do not follow your logic. Why must we self-destruct ourselves? It is the Children who must be handled delicately, not us. We know there are Greater Interlopers who know better than to interfere, who possess greater technology than we ourselves are made from.

MOTHER: We will convert ourselves. The clone upload.

SISTER: Dare you practice human jest in meeting?

MOTHER: Dare I practice human jest as a human?

UNION: Silence! You have already disclosed too much, Mother. Allow Brother and Sister to focus on their respective tasks. Fretting about your wondrous plan is unnecessary.

BROTHER: I fear the unknown. Dare I die as a human?

The End

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