Chapter XXXIV: Anxious

An excerpt from
Diary of the Anxious
Entry 15: 53
Date 78 of 7499 SC

I can't believe my sister is back.  After all that has happened recently, all the children that have gone missing, I thought for sure she was dead.  Having her here again is like having her back from the dead.  I don't care what Bold says it's good to have her back.

Bold doesn't seem to trust her.  He swears by the Cold Gods that one of us knocked her out.  And it obviously wasn't me. 

"She's hiding something, Anxious, we can't trust her."  He insisted after Demure and I had returned from our little mission.  Demure had gone for a walk and me and Bold sat in my quarters discussing some things.

"She's my sister, Bold, my TWIN sister.  You can't expect me to NOT trust her can you?"

"Anxious, she was missing for 8 days and conveniently doesn't remember a thing.  Don't you think that's a little suspisious?"

"Are you suggesting that my sister has turned against us?"

"I don't know what I think anymore.  So many strange things have been happening lately.  Who knows what strange things these Cold God's or whatever they are, are capibile of."

I shook my head I couldn't bring myself to believe what he was saying.  Couldn't get myself to believe that my own sister would turn against me.  "I don't believe it, Bold"

Bold stood then and moved to the door.  "Well then,"  He said sadly, "I'm sorry it has to end like this."

I stood anxiety returning once again.  "What do you mean?"

"I need to clear my head.  I need to figure some things out.  And until I know what's going on, which one of you it was that knocked me out...I need to avoid you both.  I'm sorry." 

Then he was gone.  It's been a whole day and I've tried my hardest to find him but he's gone.  I don't know if he's just hiding out in his quarters and ignoreing me or if he's really disapeared all I know is that he's avoiding me and fear it's all Demure's fault.  I just hope that he's overeacting and Demure hasn't betrayed us.

The End

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