Chapter XXXVIII: Forsaken

                                                                                       An excerpt from
                                                                                 Diary of the Forsaken
                                                                                                 Entry 25:344
                                                                                     Date 77 of 7499 SC


Damn, damn, damn, damn, damn.

I've gotten myself into a right mess this time. I'm such a fool, as if I didn't see this coming.

Oh, bad pun.

How thick could I be not to realise that a power shift had taken place here. I should have noticed the change, the difference that seems to be screaming in my ears now.

I don't think Father's in control any more.

I know Mother's still here, I can feel her even if I can't see her, and there's definately something else here, but it isn't Father. I'd probably be dead if it was, but it seems similar to him. Similar in a way I can't quite place.

But what does that matter. I'm in the biggest mess of my life at this point. And what a mess it is.

I was following a passage when I came upon a large open space. I heard voices not far off, and tried to get past without being noticed. The last thing I'd needed was to get caught.

And guess what, I got caught.

Two sets of arms had grabbed me from behind. I'd kicked them, but that didn't do much damage. One of them yelled:

"A spy! Mother's sent a spy to infiltrate our meeting!"

I opened my mouth to protest, but my captor had presently clouted me around the head and told me to shut up. I tried to fight my way loose, but it pressed something cold and metallical under my jaw.

"Don't move traitor, or I'll blow your brains out like porridge."

"Take him to Pious, he'll know what to do with him. Perhaps we can get some information out of him before he dies."

Then they'd dragged me back the way I'd come, towards the place where I'd heard the voices coming from. I heard the sound of doors opening and suddenly found myself immersed in a swirling mass of sounds and smells.

Then everything went deadly quiet.

"Lord Pious," said one of my captors, "we found this one creeping around outside the Worship Hall. We suspect he may be a spy for Mother, and may have heard some of our plans. What should we do with him sir?"

"Bring him here." said a voice I took to be Pious.

My captors presently dragged me forward, up a set of (painfully sharp) steps. I looked towards the point where I felt Pious standing, I could feel his presence there, tense and excited. I glared in his general direction, letting him know what I thought of him and his brutish thugs.

"Kneel you treacherous wretch!" hissed one, and pushed his foot into the crook of my knee, forcing me down, his weapon still pressed to the underside of my jaw.

I felt Pious step forward and peer at me, his breath hot on my face. I grimaced, he stank of sweat and incense. It was all I could do not to gag. I felt him step back, then he spoke again.

"Put him in one of the empty quarters. I'll question him later, when we have concluded this meeting. After I've got what I want from this spy I'll dispose of him appropriately. We cannot have traitors in our midst at a time like this."

"I am no spy you pompous buffon!" I shouted as my captors took hold of me again, "How could I spy on you when I can't even see you!"

Pious ignored me as I was pulled, still yelling, back out of the room. My captors punched me hard in the ribs, but I just elbowed them in return. This went on until I was flung unceremoniously into another room, followed by a vicious blow to the side of my face.

Then the door slammed shut behind me, and here I am, stuck in this room, bruised, exhausted and alone, awaiting my death for the second time in my life.


The End

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