Chapter XXVI: Forsaken

An excerpt from
                                                                                   Diary of the Forsaken
                                                                                                 Entry 25: 246
                                                                                   Date 71 of 7499 SC


I've done it.

I'd spent hours agonizing over how, when and where, but I've done it. Now Bold and Anxious know the truth.

Or they will do very soon, anyway.

I couldn't bring myself to tell them directly. I didn't want to have to watch their faces as I tore apart the very foundations of their beliefs. I knew how much that could hurt.

Besides, my voice is all but gone anyway. I can barely manage a husky whisper now.

So I wrote it down. Everything I knew, every new thing I'd found out, every lie I'd uncovered.

I wrote it all down for them to see.


I'm sorry for all the trouble I have caused you, but this is something you have to know.

Everything Mother or Father has ever told you is a lie.

You'll think I'm mad reading this, but you have to believe me. I'm telling the truth, I swear on my life.

The Colony is not the only source of human life. There is a whole different place out there, another world. One from which we have all been cut off. The enemies you know as Interlopers are from that world. They think what is happening to us here is cruel and slavish. They think we deserve our freedom.

It's these Interlopers who provide the raw materials needed to keep this place alive. Food, clothing, fuel for heat and electricity, it all comes from outside.

Beyond the walls. Out there.

And that's not all.

These Cold Gods you worship, they're not gods. They're scientists. They set this place up and put our ancestors in it. They wanted to see how selective breeding could influence human genetics, as well as its effect on our minds.

Our lives are all part of one huge sick experiment run by Father, Mother and the Union. The Union run everything here, they even influence Mother and Father themselves. They set this experiment up.

They also set it to end on the first day of the year 7500 SC.

There isn't much time, and I'm sorry for putting off telling you all this. But now I have, and I need you to spread the message. Do it secretly, for if Father or Mother detects you then you'll all be killed.

But you have to let everyone know before it's too late.

I would tell you this myself, but I fear I no longer have the strength. Father's droids have steadily been killing me in the years since I was kidnapped. They've used drugs to kill me from the inside, insuring that the circumstances of my death look like some sort of fatal disease.

That's what Mother's been telling you all these years isn't it Bold? That I was dying of a disease.

Mother lied.

And one final thing. By the time you read this, I will be gone. I cannot endanger either of you by staying here any longer. If anyone were to tell either of them I was here then we would all be killed.

So I'm leaving, for both your sakes.

Don't bother looking for me, I'll probably be dead in a matter of days anyway.

Farewell brother, and good luck.


Well there you have it. My last testimony to humankind, scrawled on a scrap of paper. It's late at night now, and Bold is asleep.

I will leave soon, I don't know where too. I'll try to find somewhere to hide, to insure I'm not near people when they find me.

As it is certain they will.

This entry that will probably be my last.

I'm getting weaker by the hour. Soon I doubt I will even have the strength to breathe. It is up to Bold and his friends to fight this battle now. I have done what I can.

I think I have only days left now.


The End

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