Chapter XXV: Anxious

                                                                                          An excerpt from
                                                                                   Diary of the Anxious
                                                                                                 Entry 15: 46
                                                                                   Date 71 of 7499 SC


Things have been so crazy lately.  Rumors of the "Cold Gods" awakening have been floating around the colony.  People seem to be going crazy with this information some are in a panic.  As for me I will admit that I have been shaken by this news.  But since when is that new I am Anxious after all.  Through it all Bold has been my strong tower. 

He's been talking with me more since Forsaken came.  we're both still confused .  He hasn't spoken much since he's come but when he does it only serves to confuse us more.  He continues to tell us that "If we only knew what he knew."  but yet he refuses to tell us what he knows.  

To an extent I'm afraid to know what he knows.  All this stuff about the Cold Gods and Loyal's disapearence and Mother and Father have been acting so strange lately and yesterday Intuitive was seen FLYING after her attack on Cunning.  What ever Forsaken knows it must have something to do with these things and like I said I'm afraid to know what it is.  But at the same time I'd be stupid to ignore the fact that the only person who has the answers is living in one of my closest friends homes.

I know I'm young and these types of problems should be left to the elders of the colony but I'm getting tired of waiting around for the elders to DECIDE to let us know what's going on.  I think it might be time for me and Bold to do a little snooping of our own...maybe even on my own.

What is outside our walls anyway? 



The End

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