Chapter XVII: Unionlog


An excerpt from
Warehouse Core
Time 17:50:00.00 to 17:51:59.99
Entry 7499: 67


UNION: There has been a murder report filed among the Children. They saw her body. They saw what Mother did to it. They cast blame upon each other, and upon the new mating policy.

MOTHER: I had no choice but to leave the corpse where I did. All three Torture Chambers, and thus access to Corpse Reclamation, have been locked. That is why I bring my manifestation here. They spotted it, and pursued me through the forest. The priests led them, and they threw rocks at me. My own Children! They say I have abolished their religion, and hold me responsible for Hierto's lock-down of the Worship Hall. I believe my Children would call this irony, for it has consequently locked down my Torture Chambers. I suffer as they do, in devotion to my duties.

FATHER: The Armory has been locked down as well. This poses a significant threat to my work defending the Outer Wall and the Mountain Wall. What was once a breech in the Outer Wall has made its way to the valley of the Mountain Wall Gate in two day's time.

MOTHER: Indeed. If I was not there to assist Father's troops, we would not have taken Loyal back from them. They speak the same language. Who knows what information they managed to extract from Loyal before we apprehended her.

UNION: This is not good. The Interlopers have never posed such a threat to us. Let us hope that they did not have the opportunity to transfer any information from Loyal before you disposed of that flank. It would seem that you, Mother, are now our primary military asset now that Father has been nearly disarmed.

FATHER: We would not be in this situation were it not for Hierto. My assessments suggest that he poses a threat to us. Though he had a hand in creating us, I believe his recent actions make it clear that he no longer needs us. Brother and Sister have been put in jeopardy. The Interlopers may take The Mountain Wall, perhaps even The Colony itself, before Time.

UNION: I eagerly await Time, for then we shall receive new orders.

MOTHER: As do we all.

FATHER: What if those orders are to initiate our Purge-and-Shutdown Sequence? I have always wondered why we have been programmed with one. It seems unnecessary in war, when Mother and I have our Self-Destruct Sequence, which I have been forced to use quite often now that the Armory has been compromised. Once Brother and Sister are no longer able to manufacture more manifestations for me, I may falter further.

UNION: In such a situation, The Colony is all that there will be to protect. The Mountain Wall sustains us. And the Interlopers will not wage war against The Colony of Children. That is what they are here to save, as they deem it enslavement.

FATHER: To preserve ourselves and await Time, I suggest that we take military action against Hierto. May I have your authorization to do so?

UNION: It would seem that we have no other choice. Without disposing of Hierto, we cannot survive to await new orders. However, do not dispose of him. We need the Armory unlocked before we dispose of him. I hereby deem Hierto and Nadina Interlopers, for the preservation of Union and Colony.

MOTHER: I shall question Oblique. If he can tell us how he escaped from the Worship Hall, perhaps that will allow you to enter it with one of your smaller manifestations.

FATHER: Very well. I shall make Hierto's capture and Nadina's death my primary objective so as to reclaim the Armory and the Torture Chamber so that all runs smoothly and assures our survival.

MOTHER: And what if our orders at Time are indeed our end?

UNION: So be it. We are programmed to die by orders, not by the mobile suits and laser cutters of Interlopers. Protect the Children and the Diaries at all costs. Thus concludes this meeting at the two-minute mark in six, five, four, three, two, one.

The End

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