Chapter X: Forsaken.

An excerpt from
Diary of the Forsaken
Entry 25: 144
Date 66 of 7499 SC


It's open.

That panel, the one that's been making the strange noises, it's open. I nearly had a heart attack when it made that loud phweeeep! to say it was active. Despite the fact I'm all but blind, I somehow managed to open a hidden door in the far wall of the cell. I'd paced past that wall hundreds of times and had never noticed that door. I swear my eyes must have been popping out of my head, I was so amazed. At last, my chance had come to escape. But I didn't have much time to waste, the droids would be on me in seconds if I didn't get out fast.

The opening was tiny, but in my emaciated condition fitting through was no problem. From what I could make out I had emerged into some sort of corridoor. I moved as fast as I could, groping my way along the walls and half-running, half-limping down the hallway. I was in such a state of excitement, adrenaline was pumping through my system, making me feel hyped up and jumpy. I could hear a clanking over my head. The droids. They were coming for me. Then Mother's voice echoed around:

Forsaken, stop immediately. You must not leave, return to the cell now.

No, I hissed inside my head, you've ignored my pleas for years, even when I screamed for mercy you wouldn't hear me. I'm not about to hear you now. None the less, the droids were getting closer. I ran faster, only tracing my fingers lightly along the wall to feel where I was. I began to panic, what if they caught me? They'd kill me for sure then, the no-one would know. I had to find someone, to tell them that their time was running out. They had to know, before it was too late. The noises of the droids got steadily louder, I ran faster, removing my hands from the wall and running blindly down the hallway.

Run! Run Forsaken run! You have to keep moving, don't stop. Thoughts raced around inside my head as I ran. My lungs were screaming for air and my legs were on fire in agony. I was too weak, and the drugs had clearly taken their toll on me. I needed to find someone soon or I was doomed. Where was everyone? I'd need help if I was to escape with my life. But still, so weak. I should stop, lie down and wait for the droids to get me, to take me back where Mother and Father could end my pitiful existence, release me from my perpetual agony.

Forsaken, please stop running, you'll only hurt yourself. Please listen to me, it's for your own good. Don't risk your life like this.

Hearing Mother's patronising voice set a burning fury off in my chest, destroying all thoughts of giving up. I hissed someting vicious under my breath and kept running, no, I won't give in to Mother now. I won't let them win. I'm going to fight to the last.

Just as I thought I was going to die from exhaustion, I crashed through a door into another room. I could scarcely breathe and I was so weak that I collapsed onto the floor and lay there, gasping desperately and sobbing in pain.  All I could feel was pain, a blazing red wall of agony that seared through my being and tore my mind apart. There was nothing else, only this gut-wrenching, mind-blowing, agony.

Then a voice from above me dragged me back to reality.

"What the heck! What's going on, what's this? Who are..."

I knew that voice. I had known that voice all my life, ever since the day I'd seen him in the passageway. Just hearing it gave me hope, and suddenly the pain didn't seem so bad. I looked up, a faint smile on my face and saw the faintest of faint blurs against the blackness of my eyes.

"Hi there Bold. It's been a long time."

The End

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